Place a Racing TattsBet

The following example shows how to place a fixed price Racing TattsBet on a horse or dog Race via the Internet.

To place a Racing Tattsbet

  1. From the TattsBet website opening screen, click RACING
  2. From the RACING menu, select the required Meeting.
  3. From the Meeting sub menu, select the required Race.
  4. Runners in the race are shown with their Tote odds and Fixed Price offers.

  6. To make a simple Fixed Price Win bet on the Runner of choice, click the offer amount in the Fixed Price Win column for the Runner.
    Note: Where available, the process for a Place bet is the same. You can also make a Win and Place fixed price bet on the same runner.
  7. The bet is automatically entered in your betting TICKET. (Assuming you are logged in)
  8. Enter the required bet stake in the Win section of the ticket
  9. Click PLACE BET.
  10. The bet details display.

  12. If you are happy that this is the bet you want to place, click CONFIRM BET.
  13. The confirmed fixed price bet is confirmed and shown.

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