How to Play

Playing Monday & Wednesday Lotto is easy. A guaranteed $1 million Div 1 prize pool (for up to 4 winners) is up for grabs each Monday & Wednesday.

It's Free to Join

Playing Mon & Wed Lotto online is fast & easy. Use our single page to join-up - there's no cost to join^, plus, ticket prices are the same as retail.

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Buy a ticket online in the next $1 million draw now. Tickets start from as little as $2.40 (4 games min/1 draw).

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Monday & Wednesday Lotto Lets Play GuideMonday & Wednesday Lotto

play Monday & Wedneday Lotto.

With draws held every Monday and Wednesday, you'll now have the opportunity to play and win two extra times a week. Plus, keep an eye out for special Double Prize Money draws held throughout the year!

From Monday, 21 October 2013 play Monday & Wednesday Lotto for a guaranteed $1 million Division 1 prize for up to four winners (previously two) every Monday and Wednesday. You'll also notice a slight price increase of 5c per game (plus commission).

Imagine starting the week with a million dollars! 

playing Monday & Wednesday Lotto is easy

There are forty-five balls numbered 1 to 45 from which eight numbers are randomly selected. The first six balls are the "winning numbers" and the last two drawn are the "supplementary numbers". There are lots of easy ways to play Monday & Wednesday Lotto and plenty of Monday & Wednesday Lotto play options including QuickPicks, Favourites and System entries.

buying Monday & Wednesday Lotto tickets

To play Monday & Wednesday Lotto you can mark your own numbers (eg Birthdays or special numbers) from as little as $2.40 for one draw (minimum 4 standard games), play a QuickPick and let our system choose a set of numbers for you (QuickPick's start from $7.20 for 12 games) or play a Favourite (numbers that you have saved to your Tatts Card or online account). These options are available to buy online now or at your local Tatts Outlet.

the Monday & Wednesday Lotto draws

The Monday & Wednesday Lotto draws closes at 7.30pm each Monday and Wednesday night. Monday & Wednesday Lotto results are usually available on this website by 9.30pm. Monday & Wednesday Lotto results can be obtained in other places.

winning Monday & Wednesday Lotto

There are 6 prize divisions in Monday & Wednesday Lotto. To win a Division 1 prize in Monday & Wednesday Lotto, you need to match 6 winning numbers in one game. You can win a Division 6 prize in Monday & Wednesday Lotto with 1 or 2 winning numbers + 2 supplementary numbers in one game. Read more about Monday & Wednesday Lotto winning combinations and how to claim Monday & Wednesday Lotto prizes.


Is Tatts changing Monday & Wednesday Lotto?

Monday & Wednesday Lotto division one prize offer has increased from a guaranteed $1 million division one prize for up to two (2) winners, to a guaranteed $1 million division one prize for up to four (4) winners. If there are more than four (4) division one winners, the first division one prize will be equally shared amongst the winners.

How will it work?

The existing Monday & Wednesday Lotto game won’t change. What will is the guaranteed $1 million division one prize offer for players. The guaranteed $1 million division one prize offer was for up to two winners. This has now increased to a guaranteed $1 million division one prize for up to four (4) winners.

Will it cost more to play Monday & Wednesday Lotto?

In line with the exciting new enhancement including more potential millionaires each week, there has been a small price rise for Monday & Wednesday Lotto. The price of an entry in Monday & Wednesday Lotto has increased by $0.05 to $0.55 per game – plus the 9.3% agent commission.