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The latest results for our games are generally available by 9:00pm (AEST) on the day of draw (excluding Lucky Lotteries, Set for Life and The Pools). Set for Life results are generally available from 9:45pm (AEST) on day of draw and Lucky Lotteries results will be available on day of draw. Dividends for each game are typically updated following the draw and are generally available on the morning following the draw (excluding The Pools and Lucky Lotteries).

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Super Jackpot Thu 03/Sep/15, Draw 10010

Jackpot number 112463

Jackpot not won. Jackpots to draw 10011.

$100,000 Ticket Number67331
$10,000 Ticket Number42685
$5,000 Ticket Number23487

Super Jackpot Tue 01/Sep/15, Draw 10009

Jackpot number 83947

Jackpot not won. Jackpots to draw 10010.

$100,000 Ticket Number157890
$10,000 Ticket Number238555
$5,000 Ticket Number263659

Super Jackpot Thu 27/Aug/15, Draw 10008

Jackpot number 199612

Jackpot not won. Jackpots to draw 10009.

$100,000 Ticket Number103818
$10,000 Ticket Number38421
$5,000 Ticket Number267219

Super Jackpot Tue 25/Aug/15, Draw 10007

Jackpot number 65074

Jackpot not won. Jackpots to draw 10008.

$100,000 Ticket Number205419
$10,000 Ticket Number156317
$5,000 Ticket Number107298

Super Jackpot Thu 20/Aug/15, Draw 10006

Jackpot number 112759

Jackpot not won. Jackpots to draw 10007.

$100,000 Ticket Number149449
$10,000 Ticket Number25812
$5,000 Ticket Number62158

Super Jackpot Tue 18/Aug/15, Draw 10005

Jackpot number 136615

Jackpot not won. Jackpots to draw 10006.

$100,000 Ticket Number42826
$10,000 Ticket Number244615
$5,000 Ticket Number252322

Super Jackpot Tue 11/Aug/15, Draw 10004

Jackpot number 59798

Jackpot not won. Jackpots to draw 10005.

$100,000 Ticket Number123577
$10,000 Ticket Number109790
$5,000 Ticket Number211564

Super Jackpot Fri 07/Aug/15, Draw 10003

Jackpot number 32456

Jackpot not won. Jackpots to draw 10004.

$100,000 Ticket Number177725
$10,000 Ticket Number7895
$5,000 Ticket Number172480

Super Jackpot Tue 04/Aug/15, Draw 10002

Jackpot number 196055

Jackpot not won. Jackpots to draw 10003.

$100,000 Ticket Number72504
$10,000 Ticket Number107336
$5,000 Ticket Number158611

Super Jackpot Fri 31/Jul/15, Draw 10001

Jackpot number 229114

Jackpot not won. Jackpots to draw 10002.

$100,000 Ticket Number104153
$10,000 Ticket Number119946
$5,000 Ticket Number79934

^ Jackpot amount advertised may already have been won when your lottery is drawn. Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot guaranteed min jackpot is $1,000,000. Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot guaranteed min jackpot is $500,000. Super Jackpot Single Ticket $2.20 and Mega Jackpot Single Ticket $5.50.
^^ Lucky Lotteries draws are drawn as soon as practicable after the last ticket in the draw is sold, so the draw schedule is subject to change.
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