Runaway Bay retiree overwhelmed at news she became a millionaire… 12 days ago!

A Runaway Bay retiree in her 80s has confessed to being overwhelmed at this morning’s discovery that she became a millionaire almost a fortnight ago.
The woman was one of 15 division one winners nationally who each took home a prize of $1.4 million in Saturday Gold Lotto’s $21 Million Super draw on 24 June 2017.
However, the unsuspecting winner only discovered the dream-come-true news this morning, 12 days after the draw, when she checked her ticket.
“Oh for goodness sake!  $1.4 million!” the woman exclaimed.
“I’ve never had exciting news like this in my life!
“I’ve been playing for years and years but have only won bits and pieces, nothing like this. How much have I won again?
“Oh for god’s sake what am I going to do with all that?”
The woman admitted she needed a cup to tea to settle down before deciding exactly how she might spend her windfall, but she does plan on sharing her prize with her family. 
The woman was one of fifteen division one winning entries nationally, and one of two from Queensland, in Saturday Gold Lotto’s $21 Million Superdraw draw 3749 on Saturday 24 June 2017.
The Runaway Bay winner was the tenth division one win to land on the Gold Coast during the first six months of this year.
The winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased her winning 12-game QuickPick entry from Golden News & Casket Kiosk, Runaway Bay Shopping Centre, 10-12 Lae Drive, Runaway Bay.
The six winning numbers in Saturday Gold Lotto draw 3749 on Saturday 24 June 2017 were 29, 43, 5, 13, 32 and 1.  The supplementary numbers were 40 and 38.
Across Australia, there were 15 division one winning entries in Saturday Gold Lotto draw 3749, including two in Queensland, two in Victoria, two in the Northern Territory, five in New South Wales, one in South Australia and three in Western Australia.  
The Lott’s division one winning tally has now reached 195 so far this calendar year, including 53 won by Golden Casket customers.