$50,000 Instant Scratch-Its win life-changing for Whittlesea battlers

A Whittlesea couple has turned a regular ritual into a life-changing win after winning a top prize of $50,000 on a $4 Instant Scratch-Its ticket. 
The couple’s winning ticket was bought from newsXpress Whittlesea, Shop 45, Church Street, Whittlesea.
Pensioners Billy Bliss and Denise Williams said they regularly purchased Instant Scratch-Its at newsXpress Whittlesea before heading home to scratch the tickets over a cup of coffee.
“I sat down at my table with a coffee and began to scratch the tickets, when I scratched the first one I saw the numbers and I was jumping out of my skin,” Billy explained.
“I was over the moon!” Denise added excitedly.
The self-confessed battlers explained their windfall couldn’t have come at a better time.
“We have been wanting to upgrade a few things around our home for a while but we were struggling.
“We’ve been talking about a new lounge and a new bed but we never got around to it.
“Now we’ve been able to revive our home and our new bed is like sleeping on a cloud,” Billy chuckled.
The couple were also able to upgrade their car and set aside some money to save for the future.
“The car is a new model and should last us for the next twenty years which will make life easier!”
“We also hope to head to Cairns on a holiday to escape the cold and relax in the warmer weather.”
Denise also said she was extremely appreciative for the windfall.
“It’s not a million dollars, but this amount has changed our lives and we are so thankful we won!”
Robyn Ritchie, owner of newsXpress Whittlesea, said she was excited to have sold a top prize winning Instant Scratch-Its.
“It is great to hear that a regular customer has had a win on an Instant Scratch-It.
“Congratulations to Billy and Denise! I hope they enjoy their prize!”
Last financial year, there were 144 Instant Scratch-Its top prize winners across the Lott jurisdictions who collectively took home more than $12 million.
The latest range of Instant Scratch-Its tickets are available now at Tatts outlets.
It can happen in an instant. It could happen to you.