Keep an eye out for any winning Lotto tickets among your paperwork this tax time

Golden Casket hopes tax time will help unveil the identity of Australia’s 11 mystery division one winners.
Queenslanders are being urged to remain vigilant for any old Lotto tickets they might find among their receipts and paperwork when preparing their tax return.
There are currently 11 unclaimed division one prizes across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria worth $13,195,088.02 in total.
Among these are four unclaimed division one prizes from Queensland worth $5.37 million.
Since these winning tickets are unregistered, Golden Casket has no way of identifying or contacting the mystery winners and uniting them with their prize.
From old shopping bags and fridge doors, to car gloveboxes and sock drawers, Golden Casket spokesperson Matt Hart said Australians had a history of storing lotto tickets in weird and wonderful places.
“We’ve had past winners come forward after finding an old ticket in the back of a drawer, in the central console of their car, and at the bottom of their handbag.
“Some players have also told us they keep tickets in their underwear drawer for safe keeping.
“Could you have any old tickets lying around at home – perhaps among your paperwork or tax receipts?
“With more than $13.195 million up for grabs nationally, it’s worth checking any old lotto ticket you might come across this tax time!”
A $2 million division one prize remains unclaimed in Cairns after more than three years! The winning ticket for Monday & Wednesday Gold Lotto draw 3315 on Wednesday 22 January 2014 was purchased at NewsExtra DFO Cairns.
Golden Casket is also looking for mystery millionaires in the Brisbane suburb of Lutwyche, as well as in Maroochydore and Morayfield.
On Saturday 20 June 2015, there were 22 division one winners in Saturday Gold Lotto’s $22 Million Superdraw, draw 3539, but the person who bought a winning ticket from Nextra Morayfield Village in Morayfield is yet to claim their $1 million prize.
Lutwyche News & Gifts sold a division one winning ticket in Saturday Gold Lotto’s 2016 New Year’s Eve Megadraw, draw 3699, with a prize of $1,347,826.09 yet to be claimed.  
It’s been more than six months since a mystery Maroochydore player won a division one $1 million prize in Monday & Wednesday Gold Lotto draw 3618 on Monday 19 December 2016.
The million-dollar windfall would have added a great deal of extra cheer to someone’s Christmas and New Year celebrations, but so far the mystery player who purchased their ticket at Cotton Tree News has not come forward to claim the prize.
In addition to the $1 million division one prize, Maroochydore’s mystery winner will go home with an additional $24,544.50 in other divisional prizes.
Unclaimed prizes in Queensland



Draw date*

Selling outlet


Total prize value

Wednesday Gold Lotto



NewsExtra DFO Cairns



Saturday Gold Lotto



Nextra Morayfield Village



Monday Gold Lotto



Cotton Tree News



Saturday Gold Lotto



Lutwyche News & Gifts



*Editor’s note: this is the draw date, not the entry purchase date.  Entries could have been purchased up to 10 weeks in advance of a draw.
“If you purchased an entry at any of these outlets during the days and weeks leading up to the draws in question, you could be one of our mystery winners!” Mr Hart said.
“If you discover you’re the owner of a winning ticket, phone Golden Casket as soon as possible on 131 868 to start the prize claim process.”
Golden Casket winners have up to seven years to claim their division one prizes.
Golden Casket recommends players register their entries to a Winners Circle card so all of their prizes are secure and they can be contacted directly with the good news of a big win.
So far this financial year, the Lott has awarded 406 division one prizes, including 99 to Golden Casket customers.