South Australians more likely to share a lotto win than Queenslanders

If one of your family members or friends wins a share of tomorrow’s X Lotto $21 Million Saturday Superdraw, you might want to hope they’re from South Australia, New South Wales or Victoria, rather than Queensland.

A recent survey has revealed that one in 10 Queenslanders (11%) wouldn’t share any of their division one windfall with their family and friends. (See Table 1)

Meanwhile, Victorians are the most generous, with only 2.2% saying they wouldn’t spread their good fortune, followed by South Australians (4.2%) and New South Welshmen (5.2%).

Across the states, men were almost twice as likely not to share their lotto win compared to women (9.7% vs 4.6%), while people aged 18 to 34 years were almost three times more likely not to share compared with older age groups (14.3% vs 4.5%).

The research also shed light on how Australians would share a lotto win with their family and friends, with paying off their debts and bills (28%), giving them a lump sum of money (26.8%), and paying off their house mortgages (24.1%) the most popular choices.

The survey of 1,199 adults, conducted by ReachTEL, comes amid a surge of ticket sales ahead of tomorrow’s X Lotto $21 Million Saturday Superdraw – the fourth Superdraw of the year.

SA Lotteries spokesperson Matt Hart said the results highlighted that everyone had their own unique dream of how they would spend their X Lotto windfall, and more importantly, who’d they’d like to share it with.

“Our division one winners frequently tell us they plan to use their prize money to pay off their own debts and mortgages, go on an overseas holiday, and help family and friends,” he said.

“They see their good fortune as a chance to not only improve their lives, but also the lives of those nearest and dearest to them.

“For some winners this means taking family and friends on a holiday or buying them a new car, while for others it means paying off the home loans of family and friends, or giving a lump sum of money.”

Mr Hart said SA Lotteries was preparing to make a slew of phone calls first thing Monday morning to officially notify registered division one Superdraw winners.

“Superdraws have become enormously popular with South Australia's X Lotto customers, and it’s anticipated up to half the South Australian adult population will purchase an entry in the $21 Million Saturday Superdraw, with half of all tickets purchased on the day of the draw,” he said.

There were eight division one winning entries nationally from May’s $21 Million Saturday Superdraw.

Tickets in X Lotto’s $21 Million Saturday Superdraw on 24 June are now on sale from all SA Lotteries outlets and online at

Table 1: If you won a share of $21 million in the lottery, what is the most likely way you would share some of it with your family and friends?

      Total    Female  Male  18-34  35-50  51-65  65+     
 I wouldn't share any of it with family and friends 7.1%  4.6%  9.7%  14.3%  3.7%  3.9%  4.5% 
 Give them a lump sum of money 26.8%  28.4%  25.1%  21.4%  28.2%  28.6%  31% 
 Pay off their house mortgage 24.1%  25.3%  22.9%  25%  25.7%  24.6%  19% 
 Buy them a car 5%  4.7%  5.3%  3.6%  7.3%  4.3%  4% 
 Take them on a holiday 9%       10%  8%  6%  10.5%  9.6%  11% 
 Pay off their debts and bills 28%  27.1%  29%  29.7%  24.6%  28.9%  30.5% 

  Total     QLD  VIC  NSW  SA    
I wouldn't share any of it with family and friends  7.1%  11%  2.2%  5.2%  4.2% 
 Give them a lump sum of money 26.8%  24%  30.7%  26.1%  30.8% 
 Pay off their house mortgage 24.1%  21.6%  27.7%  26.1%  20% 
 Buy them a car 5%  5.1%  5.2%  4.9%  3.3% 
 Take them on a holiday 9%  8.2%  10.5%  9.3%  8.3% 
 Pay off their debts and bills 28%  30.1%  23.6%  28.4%  33.3% 

This survey was conducted using an automated telephone-based survey system among 1,199 voters. The data has been weighted to reflect the population age and gender distribution as provided by the ABS. Telephone numbers and the person within the household were selected at random. Copyright ReachTEL Pty Ltd.