X Lotto marks the million dollar spot in Salisbury North's treasure hunt!

Adelaide’s northern suburb of Salisbury North is the latest location where someone became a mid-week millionaire in Monday & Wednesday X Lotto!

But while SA Lotteries can mark the million dollar spot at Deli Express Salisbury North where the winning ticket was purchased, they don’t know who the bounty belongs to!

Chances are the winner may not yet know either they’re Salisbury North’s new millionaire because when they purchased their entry they did not register it to an Easiplay Club Card.

SA Lotteries spokesperson Claire Taylor said SA Lotteries is now sending all Wednesday X Lotto players on a treasure hunt for the $1 million ticket.

“There’s a $1 million prize buried right under the nose of a Salisbury North shopper!” Ms Taylor exclaimed.

“The ticket could be at the bottom of a handbag, or camouflaged in a pile of receipts or stuck behind a bills notice on the fridge.

“This X Lotto bounty is worth a cool $1 million, so it’s worth digging deep!

“If you think you uncover the division one winning ticket please give SA Lotteries a call on 131 868.”

Danni Zhang of Deli Express Salisbury North was excited that a millionaire had been made at the deli.

“We hope our new mid-week millionaire will stumble upon their prize soon, but in the meantime – the mystery is pretty exciting!” Ms Zhang exclaimed.

“Who knows, our winning customer could walk in at any minute!”

Deli Express Salisbury North sold a $150,000 Spot 9 winning entry in May last year which was won by a Salisbury pensioner.

The six winning numbers in Monday and Wednesday X Lotto draw 3663 on Wednesday 25 May 2017 were 36, 11, 32, 19, 42 and 2. The supplementary numbers were 21 and 10.

Across Australia, it was one of three division one winning entries in Monday & Wednesday X Lotto draw 3663, which offers a guaranteed $1 million division one prize for up to four winners in every draw. Along with the winning entry from South Australia, the other division one winning entries were sold in Queensland and Victoria.

The Lott’s division one winning tally has now reached 369 so far this financial year, including 27 won by SA Lotteries customers.