Victorians likely to share a TattsLotto win and splurge on an overseas holiday with a share of $21 million

If one of your family members or friends wins a share of tomorrow’s Saturday TattsLotto $21 Million Supedraw, you could be in for a share of the windfall!

A recent survey has revealed that for 35.4 per cent of Victorians their first financial priority if they won a share of $21 million would be to gift money to family or charity.
And with rising house prices, it’s no surprise that 23.6 per cent of Victorian adults would use their prize to own their home outright, while another 20.6 per cent would buy a home for themselves. (See Table 1)
Meanwhile, when considering an indulgent splurge it appears an overseas holiday is top of mind with 42.3 per cent of survey respondents saying they would pack their bags and head overseas, followed by 21.9 per cent opting to spruce up their home with home  renovations, and 14.6 per cent hitting the road in a sports car. (See Table 2)
The survey of 5,964 adults, conducted by ReachTEL, comes amid a surge of ticket sales ahead of tomorrow’s $21 million Saturday Superdraw – the third Superdraw of the year.
Tatts spokesperson Claire Taylor said the results highlighted that everyone had their own unique dream of how they would spend their TattsLotto windfall, and more importantly, who’d they’d like to share it with.
“Our division one winners frequently tell us that they plan to use their prize money to pay off their own debts and mortgages, go on an overseas holiday, and help family and friends,” she said.
“They see their good fortune as a chance to not only improve their lives, but also the lives of those nearest and dearest to them. 
“For some winners this means taking family and friends on a holiday or buying them a new car, while for others it means paying off the home loans of family and friends or giving a lump sum or money.”
Ms Taylor said Tatts was preparing to make a slew of phone calls first thing Monday morning to officially notify this Saturday’s Superdraw registered division one TattsLotto winners.
“Superdraws have become enormously popular with TattsLotto customers and it’s anticipated that up to half the Victorian adult population will purchase an entry into the $21 Million Superdraw on Saturday, with half of all tickets purchased on the day of the draw,” she said.

Tickets in TattsLotto’s $21 Million Superdraw on 13 May are now on sale from all Tatts outlets and online at
Table 1
If you won your ideal windfall in the lottery, which of the following best suits your FIRST financial priority?


Owning my home outright


Buying a home


Gifting money to family or charity


Earlier retirement


Planning a holiday


Buying a car


Table 2
If you won your ideal windfall in the lottery, which of the following best suits your FIRST splurge purchase?


Sports or luxury car




Boat or yacht


Overseas holiday


Cosmetic procedure


Spoiling my pets


Hired help


Home renovations


This survey was conducted using an automated telephone based survey system among 5,964 voters. The data has been weighted to reflect the population age and gender distribution as provided by the ABS. Telephone numbers and the person within the household were selected at random. Copyright ReachTEL Pty Ltd.