Cowes' new millionaire man wants drive-through coffee shop!

A retired man from Phillip Island’s major township of Cowes has become a mid-week millionaire after winning a division one prize of $1 million in last night’s Monday & Wednesday Lotto draw!
The salt-of-the-earth man was stoked when he got the phone call from Tatts this morning to break the news he’d be having a pretty cruisy retirement here on out.
“Tatts? I’ve got my ticket somewhere! Hang on, I’ve got to go out to my car, I never check ‘em, I just leave ‘em in the door of my car so I don’t lose ‘em!” he explained.
“How much - A million dollars? That’s what I’ve won? Oh sh*t! Oh sh*t!
“I’ve been playing for freakin’ years. Been taking the same numbers for years, about 30 years, just put ‘em on there and just take ‘em.
He joked that he loves drive-through coffee so much that he’ll open up his own in Cowes, just so he can get unlimited coffees fast and frill free.
“Now I’ll just enjoy the rest of my life!” he exclaimed.
“You know a funny thing, I really like my drive-through coffees and we haven’t got one here in Cowes, so I always said if I won a lot of money I would open up my own one so I can drink as much coffee as I like!” he laughed.
The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased a 10-game marked entry from Cowes Newsagency, 44-46 Thompson Avenue in Cowes.
Annette Mogford is the owner of Cowes Newsagency and was thrilled to have now sold a hat-trick of division one winning entries.
“How exciting! It’s about time we had another one!” Mrs Mogford exclaimed.
“We’ve been here for seven years and this makes our third division one win, among a handful of division two prizes as well!
“It’s fantastic to see another local from Cowes win and we hope it’s one of our regulars. So a big congratulations to whoever he is!
“We’re already having a busy day with customers coming in to get their tickets into tonight’s $50 million Powerball so I’ll be telling everyone that the luck is here in Cowes!”
It’s the third division one winning ticket sold at Cowes Newsagency within the past five years.
In July 2012, a Phillip Island Grandfather said 'Struth' about his $1.25 million windfall which he said would help with retirement.
In January 2014 in the $30 million Megadraw, a couple from Cowes won $1.42 million and said they’d pay their mortgage, take a holiday, and give a helping hand to their kids.
The six winning numbers in Monday and Wednesday Lotto draw 3659 on Wednesday 25 May 2017 were 14, 4, 39, 29, 38 and 17. The supplementary numbers were 9 and 24.
Across Australia, it was one of two division one winning entries in Monday & Wednesday Lotto draw 3659, which offers a guaranteed $1 million division one prize for up to four winners in every draw.
Along with the man from Cowes, the other division one winner was from New South Wales.
The Lott’s division one winning tally has now reached 353 so far this financial year, including 143 won by Tatts customers.