1 million ways to spend $1 million win in Cessnock!

An emotional woman has had a Friday to remember after receiving confirmation from a NSW Lotteries official that she was Cessnock’s newest millionaire!
The Cessnock winner was one of two division one winners in Monday & Wednesday Lotto draw 3653 on Wednesday 19 April to take home the division one prize of $1 million each.
Although officials were unable to reach the winner and confirm her windfall until today, the winner shared that she had held a suspicion that her entry had resulted in a big prize.
“I had a feeling that I’d won first division but I also didn’t want to believe it until I’d heard it from a NSW Lotteries official!” the woman exclaimed.
“I think I’m about to pass out… thank you so much!
“I’ve got my husband and close friends here by my side and that’s why I’m crying – we’re all crying tears of happiness!
“I’ve never even won a raffle or meat tray before!”
The ecstatic winner also confessed she’d bought a bottle of Moet when she started suspecting she’d won and had popped it now she had received confirmation.
“We bought a bottle of Moet to celebrate and now we can enjoy it knowing it’s real,” she shared.
“We actually opened it before the call and for a second I wondered if we were drinking prematurely.”
When asked how she plans to enjoy her $1 million windfall the winner joked the options were endless.
“Oh, well… there are a million ways to spend $1 million! A million things to think about,” the woman laughed.
“I do want to share it with my husband, close friends and parents though.”
The winning 4-game QuickPick entry was purchased online at theLott.com – Australia’s official online lottery.
Throughout Australia, there were two division one winning entries in Wednesday night’s draw with both purchased in New South Wales.
The other entry, purchased in Beverly Hills, is still unclaimed and NSW Lotteries officials urge all players with tickets from Beverly Hills Stationery to check their entries.
The six winning numbers in Monday & Wednesday Lotto draw 3653 on Wednesday 19 April 2017 were 7, 1, 5, 31, 27 and 22.  The supplementary numbers were 33 and 45.
The Lott’s division one winning tally has now reached 322 so far this financial year, including 87 won by NSW Lotteries customers.