BREAKING: Bundaberg's newest millionaires found: Couple steps forward to claim Saturday Gold Lotto $1 million

Eleven days after winning more than $1 million in a Saturday Gold Lotto draw, a couple from the Bundaberg region has stepped forward to claim the prize.
Their entry was one of four division one winners nationally and one of two Queensland winners in Saturday Gold Lotto draw 3727 on Saturday 8 April 2017.  Each won a division one prize of $1,051,524.97.
Speaking to a Golden Casket official today to confirm their prize, the couple explained that while they saw local media coverage about “Bundaberg’s newest mystery millionaire”, they didn’t think for a moment it was them.
“My wife checked the ticket off at home and said ‘we’ve probably won about $30’ – but she’d missed a few of the numbers!” the winning man explained.
“We were coming to town and I said ‘let’s duck in to buy another one and pick up the $30’.  Instead, we’ve got a bit more!
“My wife didn’t believe it. She started crying!
“We’d seen this newsagency had a mystery winner but didn’t expect it to be us… but here we are!”
With the news of their win just minutes old, the couple confessed they did not know exactly what they’d do with their entire prize, but planned to celebrate with a nice steak sandwich.
The man added that the win would allow the couple to fully retire and take more time to enjoy life.
“It will take a while to sink in fully, but it’s a great relief,” the man said.
“It couldn’t come at a better time!   We’ve had a rough time lately so this is a big bonus!
“We’ve got some things to do with it but we’re not going to rush in.  We’ll take our time with it and enjoy it. We’ve got some travel in mind!”
North Bundy News owner Rolf Fuernsinn said it was the relief the mystery winner had been found and united with their prize.
“The mystery can finally be put to rest!  Congratulations to the couple and we wish them all the very best with their prize!
“We’ve had so many people coming in to check their tickets during the past week, but it’s great news that they’re some of our regular customers.”
The six winning numbers in Saturday Gold Lotto draw 3727 on Saturday 8 April 2017 were 25, 38, 3, 32, 27 and 7.  The supplementary numbers were 28 and 21.
The Lott’s division one winning tally has now reached 320 so far this financial year, including 78 won by Golden Casket customers.