Mildura raises a glass to latest TattsLotto winner!

A division one winning TattsLotto ticket worth more than $463,000 has finally been brought forward out of the woodwork, ending the week-long wait for Mildura’s latest winner.
The city has been abuzz with anticipation at the news that someone had won $463,590.27 with an unregistered ticket in the draw which fell on April Fools’ Day – Saturday 1 April.
While the case of the missing ticket can be laid to rest at last, we may never know who stepped forward and claimed the prize because the winner has chosen to remain completely anonymous.
Luckily the winner was able to produce the winning 24-game QuickPick ticket to Tatts and wasn’t left red-faced misplacing it.
With the winner choosing to pop their own bottle of bubbly in private, not much can be revealed other than they purchased a 24-game QuickPick entry from Deakin Lucky Lotto, 204 Deakin Avenue in Mildura.
Helen Brown is the Manager at Deakin Lucky Lotto and was delighted the mystery had been solved and the winner -united with their prize.
“It’s fantastic news that the prize has finally been claimed and the mystery put to rest,” Ms Brown exclaimed.
“We had a few customers worried that maybe the ticket had been lost or that it was someone just passing through who may not have heard the good news. But now we can all breathe a sigh of relief!
“We raise our glasses to the winner and hope you enjoy celebrating your dream-come-true windfall!
“It’s always wonderful when your customers have a good win and now we’ve sold a few division one wins in recent years!
“They say three’s a charm, but that won’t stop us from getting our fourth!”
It’s the first division one win in Mildura for 2017 but the city is no stranger to good fortune in TattsLotto.  This is the sixth division one prize won in Mildura during the past two years!
It’s also not uncommon for Mildura winners to take their time claiming their prizes.
In August 2015, another TattsLotto ticket, also purchased at Deakin Lucky Lotto, came up with the winning numbers in a Superdraw event, winning a retired couple a $1.23 million prize.
They took almost two weeks to come forward to claim their prize and said they’d known the whole time but had “struggled to keep a straight face”.
Twelve weeks later, in October 2015, a Mildura woman won more than $666,000 with a ticket purchased from Centro Mildura Lotto.
Centro Mildura Lotto did it again in February 2016 when someone won $1.17 million in the Valentine’s Superdraw but kept Tatts waiting 10 days before appearing and anonymously claiming their windfall.
In June 2016, a local Mildura couple planned to spruce up their bathroom, reduce work hours and go on a holiday after winning more than $339,000 in TattsLotto with a ticket purchased at S. K. Dawson Pty Ltd.
Another twelve weeks later, in September 2016, TattsLotto delivered yet another Mildura division one prize worth more than $521,000 to a shocked local woman who purchased their ticket from Klemms Authorised Newsagency.
There were nine division one winning entries across Australia, including seven from Victoria, who each won a first division prize of $463,590.27 in TattsLotto draw 3725 on Saturday 1 April 2017.

The six winning numbers in Saturday Lotto draw 3725 on Saturday 1 April 2017 were 34, 24, 32, 20, 37 and 16. The supplementary numbers were 45 and 4. 
The Lott’s division one winning tally has now reached 309 so far this financial year, including 127 won by Tatts customers.