Newcastle's "Ten Tenors" hits high note with $10 million Oz Lotto win

A private Newcastle syndicate of nine friends, called the Ten Tenors, has starting singing in celebration after being officially confirmed as the winner of last week’s $10 million Oz Lotto draw.

NSW Lotteries was only able to officially confirm the win with the registered ticket holder late yesterday.

Members of the syndicate had gathered to hear the life-changing news and immediately erupted into cheers.

The $10 million syndicate win, from Oz Lotto draw 1202 on Tuesday 28 February 2017, means each syndicate member will receive $1,111,111.10.

“You won’t be able to wipe the smile of our faces now!” one winner cried.

The nine syndicate members, who had previously been work colleagues, include retired and working men aged in their 50s and 60s. They plan to use their windfall to pay off their debts and help their families.

“We might also do a bit more travel, but we might sit up the pointy end of the plane a bit more!” one man laughed.

The men said they started their private syndicate more than a decade ago, when they gave it the name the Ten Tenors. Since then, they have diligently tracked each syndicate member and their monthly contribution for Lotto tickets in an Excel spreadsheet.

“The Ten Tenors is a name we came up with at the time because originally there were ten of us in it, and most of us stuck with it. But I don’t think you’d really want to hear me sing!” one member of syndicate said.

Some syndicate members confessed that the only reason they’d stayed with the syndicate for so long was the fear of missing out if the others had a Lotto win.

“You know the only reason I’m in the syndicate is because I didn’t want you guys wining without me,” one member said.

“I was going to pull out this earlier this year, but when they said they were going to run it for another year I said ‘you’re not going to bloody win it without me!’,” another added.

The registered 50-game QuickPick ticket was purchased from Georgetown Newsagency and was the only division one winner from Oz Lotto draw 1202 on Tuesday 28 February 2017.

The win comes just two days after a Newcastle grandfather found a Saturday Lotto ticket that had won more than $1 million a year ago while cleaning his car.

Georgetown Newsagency owner Paul Smith said the win had been the talk of the town during the past week.

“Congratulations to the winners! I hope they enjoy their $10 million!” he said.

“Since taking over the store three years ago, our biggest prize was $14,000, but now that’s been blown out of the water by this $10 million win!

“Newcastle seems to be a magnet for lots of things lately. We’ve had Newcastle winners in The Block, My Kitchen Rules and now Oz Lotto!”

The winning numbers in Oz Lotto draw 1202 on Tuesday 28 February 2017 were: 2, 37, 26, 17, 42, 33 and 27, with the supplementary numbers 4 and 44.

The Lott’s division one winning entry tally has now reached 272 so far this financial year, including 79 won by NSW Lotteries customers.