$4.2 million TattsLotto Superdraw fortune won in Nunawading!

A man from the eastern suburbs of Melbourne admitted he was about to give up on his lotto dreams before winning a huge $4.2 million division one prize in the weekend’s TattsLotto $21 Million Superdraw!
The lotto hopeful said he had no idea Saturday’s draw was a supersized prize pool event, which saw him win one of the biggest Superdraw division one shares in the past 10 years!
“It’s a bit of a tradition, I sit down with the newspaper and a coffee early on a Sunday morning and check the lotto results,” the man explained.
“I suddenly realised I had circled four numbers, then I circled the fifth, then I circled the sixth – then I started saying no this is wrong, you’ve got the wrong ticket, you’ve got the wrong date, something’s wrong here.
“So I strolled straight up to the paper shop and said ‘Here check this would you?’, and he said ‘I can tell you now there’s a first division winner in Melbourne from my shop!’ and I said ‘Yes, I think it’s me!’
“He couldn’t believe it! He gave me a big hug!”
The man admitted he had come very close to throwing in the towel on his weekly entry.
“I’ve been playing for years and years and I’ve always cursed and swore that my luck is terrible and that I never get a prize and I just pick up $100 here and there,” he laughed.
“I’ll be honest with you, it was only a fortnight ago that I seriously considered giving up on this weekly entry I’ve had for years.
“But something told me to give it a few more weeks because you never know and BINGO! What perfect timing!”
He was particularly pleased that his numbers had come up in a Superdraw, when the regular estimated $4 million prize pool was supersized to $21 million.
“I am very happy I won on the right weekend!” the man exclaimed.
“I didn’t even know anything about the Superdraw - I just buy a ticket every week with the same numbers.
“So I had no idea until I realised my share of the prize pool was $4.2 million and I thought no that can’t be right! Amazing stuff!”
He plans to share his windfall with his children and add a few spoils in his simple lifestyle.
“Now I’m living the good life! I’m considerably more comfortable now but the main thing is I can help my kids get into the property market,” he explained.
“You got to spread the wealth don’t you! You got to share it around! I live a pretty simple life so I could never spend $4 million on my own!
“We’ll be upgrading our flight tickets to business class in future though!”
The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased his 7-game System 7 entry from Mountain View Newsagency, 293A Springfield Road in Nunawading.
Mountain View Newsagency owner Mostafa Hosseini was over-the-moon that he’d sold a division one winning entry to a loyal customer.
“I’m very, very happy for him! It’s fantastic!” Mr Hosseini exclaimed.
“It is a great feeling to be a part of changing people’s lives, particularly when they are your regular customers!
“We’ve sold a number of division one winning tickets before including a Powerball prize of $16.5 million in 2012 and a TattsLotto prize of $450,000 in 2014 – so it was about time we got a new winner.”
There were five division one winning entries across Australia, including three from Victoria, who each won a first division prize of $4.2 million in TattsLotto’s $21 million Superdraw 3723 on Saturday 25 March 2017.
Along with the winning ticket sold in Nunawading, the other Victorian winning tickets were sold in Mulgrave and Warrnambool.
The six winning numbers in TattsLotto’s $21 million Superdraw 3723 on Saturday 25 March 2017 were 23, 20, 39, 16, 35 and 28. The supplementary numbers were 27 and 4.
The Lott’s division one winning tally has now reached 291 so far this financial year, including 118 won by Tatts customers.