'Lucky' parking spot leads to $250,000 ticket!

A man from Brisbane got the best parking spot of his life after pulling up nearby a newsagent where he purchased a $10 Instant Scratch-Its Double Crosswords ticket that won $250,000!

The impulse purchase made the man a quarter-of-a-million dollars richer in an instant, and proved not all parking tickets are bad.

The happy man purchased his top prize winning $10 Instant Scratch-Its ticket from newsXpress Upper Edward St, 445 Upper Edward Street in Brisbane city.

The man explained that after scoring the car park he walked to a café and was sipping a coffee when he started scratching his crosswords ticket.

“I was driving round and round the city this morning trying to find a street car park – it was impossible!” the man exclaimed.

“After half an hour when I finally got a spot I was so relieved! The park happened to be right near a newsagent so I thought I’d treat myself to my favourite double crosswords scratchie to enjoy over a calming coffee.

“I sat down to a coffee and scrubbed the first game off... nothing there. So I started on the next game and I thought this one’s coming pretty good… seven words, eight words, WOW ten words?

“I had to write down the ten words on a napkin to count them out because I was sure I must be getting it wrong!”

The man wasted no time in bringing in his Instant Scratch-Its ticket to verify his $250,000 windfall.

“I leaped back in the car and drove straight to Golden Casket. Mentally I had prepared myself for disappointment in the event I was mistaken,” he explained.

“You dream about the moment you win a big prize like this, but after years of playing you start to think that it’ll stay that way as a nice dream. But now to have it come true is just so surreal! I’m a bit shaky!

“I’ve been thinking it must have been destiny that I got that parking spot – I got a winning ticket and no parking ticket either!” he laughed.

“$250,000 will make an enormous difference! It will go towards paying off our mortgage and wiping our debts.

“I can’t wait to tell my wife, she tells me that scratchies are a bit too indulgent!”

Richard & Helen Verry are the owners of newsXpress Upper Edward St and were delighted to discover they’d sold an Instant Scratch-Its ticket with a $250,000 surprise.

“Wow! That’s absolutely wonderful!” Mr Verry exclaimed.

“This marks the very first major prize we’ve sold so we’re delighted for our winning customer who instantly became a quarter-of-a-million dollars richer – just like that! “

Hopefully we can do it again and up the ante, maybe we’ll sell a division one winning ticket in Powerball’s $10 million jackpot draw this Thursday night!”

It can happen in an instant. It could happen to you. #joyments