Batehaven's new millionaire ready for a beer and a trip around Australia

Four days after winning, Batehaven’s missing millionaire has been found after a man from the local region came forward this morning to claim his $1.3 million prize from last weekend’s Saturday Lotto $20 Million Superdaw.

The retired man, who wishes to remain anonymous, explained that he had been driving around with the unregistered winning ticket in his car for the past few days, not knowing it was the key to claiming his prize of $1,333,381.94.

As the ticket was unregistered, NSW Lotteries officials did not know the identity of the winner. It was only when the man checked his ticket this morning and contacted NSW Lotteries that his win was confirmed.

“That’s very nice. I’ll go have a beer now!” the man exclaimed after learning of his million-dollar windfall.

“It’s really turned my day around!

“I’ve been driving around with my ticket but hadn’t looked at it. Then I thought I’d go check it!

“I usually play every Saturday and always get a QuickPick, but this is the first time I’ve ever won anything. It’s a good win!”

Apart from celebrating with a beer, the man said he needed to share the exciting news of his win with his wife.

“My wife doesn’t know yet! I have to go tell her we’ve won!” he said excitedly.

With the win still sinking in, the man explained that he wasn’t sure how he and his wife would use the prize money, but said travel was a definite priority.

“I want to see Australia first,” he said.

The division one winning entry was purchased from Batehaven Newsagency, 248 Beach Road, Batehaven.

Batehaven Newsagency co-owner Pat Griffin said he and his staff were relieved the missing millionaire had been found.

“Congratulations to the winner. It’s great that it’s a player from the local region and I hope they enjoy their new windfall!” he said.

“We’re excited to have sold another division one winning ticket. Our last one was in September 2014 so hopefully this is the start of a new winning streak for our customers.”