Newcastle's $1 million lotto prize still looking for a home after 12 months

If you bought a Saturday Lotto ticket in Newcastle a year ago, you could be NSW Lotteries’ missing millionaire.

With the passing of the first anniversary of the win, NSW Lotteries is once again calling on all players who bought tickets in Newcastle at the beginning of 2016 to check old tickets to see if they’re now a millionaire.

The winning ticket was purchased from Nextra Marketown Newsagency, in Marketown Shopping Centre, Newcastle West, and was one of four division one winners from Saturday Lotto draw 3597 on Saturday 9 January 2016.

The draw’s winning numbers were: 20, 25, 36, 30, 18 and 2.

NSW Lotteries spokesperson Matt Hart said the missing Newcastle millionaire was one of four division one winners from that draw, sharing a total prize pool of $4.08 million.

“While the other winners from that draw have long since collected their $1.02 million each, we’re still waiting for the Newcastle ticket holder to check their ticket,” he said.

“We’re hopeful that we can unite our mystery winner with their $1 million prize, which is why we’re appealing to all Saturday Lotto players who lived in or visited Newcastle in early 2016 to check any old Lotto tickets they might have lying around.

“While winners in New South Wales have six years to claim their prize, the clock is ticking and there are one million reasons why you should scour old drawers, down the back of the couch, or the car’s glovebox for old Lotto tickets.”

Nextra Marketown Newsagency manager Mark McNally said the winner could be a local or someone who travelled through Newcastle early last year.

“If you’re the winner I’m wondering ‘Where are you?!’. We do get a lot of people passing through here in January so it could be someone who was visiting from another state or was on board a cruise ship,” he said.

“We still get a lot of people coming in and asking about the prize. We’ve got signs up in the store and we’ve put messages on Facebook in the hope of reminding the winner to urgently check their ticket!”

NSW Lotteries reminds players of the importance of registering their tickets to a Players Club Card so all of their prizes are secure and they can be contacted directly with the good news of a big win.

The Lott’s division one winning entry tally has now reached 233 so far this financial year, including 67 won by NSW Lotteries customers.