The proof is in the pudding for $20,000 Instant Scratch-Its winner!

A man in his 30s from Crows Nest has been dished up one of the five multiple top prizes of $20,000 on a $2 Instant Scratch-Its Christmas Fun ticket!

The happy man, who wishes to remain anonymous, explained his whole family was enjoying Christmas dinner at home when he got an extra sweet treat of $20,000 under his plum pudding.

“For more than 20 years our family has followed a Christmas tradition of serving plum pudding for dessert, but with a scratchie wrapped in foil underneath on the bowl,” he said.

“So once we all cleaned up our pudding and started scratching our tickets, it took me about five minutes to realise I’d won $20,000. I was staring blankly at the ticket making sure I wasn’t seeing things!

“No-one believed me! My wife asked if I won anything and I replied ‘Yes, I think I won 20 grand!’ so she took it off me and said ‘Wow, you really did!’.

“Then everyone else took it off her and it pretty much went around the whole table to prove it! We were all more in sheer shock than anything else.

“Everyone had such a good day and this topped it all off. I’d say the tradition is going to continue on now for many years to come!

“We definitely came out on top of the Christmas budget this year!

“We’ll put the prize money towards a deposit for a new home and we’ll take the family out for a classy meal somewhere.”

The winning ticket was purchased at Chase Nextra, Shop B-011 in the Chatswood Chase Shopping Centre on 345 Victoria Avenue in Chatswood.

Chase Nextra manager John Avery said it was exciting to think that one of his customers enjoyed an especially festive season.

“It’s always great to hear when a customer wins – particularly around Christmas time. Someone got an extra gift from Santa this Christmas!” he said.

“Hopefully that’s that start of a winning streak for our customers and they can enjoy a very lucky 2017!”

The latest range of Instant Scratch-Its tickets are available now at NSW Lotteries outlets.

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