Gympie woman 'giggly' after winning Powerball's $3 million prize pool!

A woman in her 40s from the regional town of Gympie was all glee and giggles when she discovered she’d scooped the $3 million division one prize pool in last night’s Powerball draw!

The delighted woman had no idea she’d become a Powerball multi-millionaire until she received a phone call from Golden Casket this morning with the life-changing news.

“Holy crap! Wow! Oh my god, I don’t know what to say!” she exclaimed.

“That’s insane! Wooow! Bloody hell.

“I’m just going to giggle for the rest of the day now!”

Queensland’s newest multi-millionaire admitted she had been trying to save herself from extra expenses recently but now she could relax her budget.

“I’ll have to sit and have a real good think,” she laughed.

“I’ll pay off my mortgage first but there are definitely renovations that would be very cool to finally get done! I’ll be totally redoing my kitchen and bathroom. In fact I’ve often contemplated chipping off the bathroom tiles myself to save some money!

“Funnily enough I’ve actually been planning an overseas holiday and I’ve been trawling through all the booking sites for accommodation and experiences thinking it’s all too expensive but now I can make the rest of those arrangements without too much of a problem and in style too!” she laughed.

The compassionate winner also planned to donate to local charities she supports.

“I’ve always, always, always thought and said if I did ever win anything substantial I would love to give most of it to charity. I could never spend it all myself so the best thing will be being able to support some local charity groups,” she explained.

“I might be able to retire a little earlier - that would be kind of cool! And if I didn’t have to work as long, I would have time to volunteer!”

She won the entire $3 million prize pool in last night’s Powerball draw with a 4-game marked entry costing only $3.70.

“I chose my numbers so long ago, but they would have been special at the time! It’s a bit of a lottery as to whether I get a QuickPick or put on my saved games but recently I’ve been using those favourites! And I’m glad I did!” she laughed.

The happy woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased her winning ticket from Nextra Goldfields, Shop SP005 in the Goldfields Plaza, 71 Monkland Street in Gympie.

Michael Holmes is the owner of Nextra Goldfields and was over-the-moon that his outlet had now sold its first division one winning ticket in Powerball.

“It’s very exciting to know that one of our customers is now a multi-millionaire and can live the life that most of us will continue dreaming about!” he exclaimed.

“To have sold a multi-million dollar winning ticket for this store’s first division one win is incredible!

“We say a hearty congratulations to our winner and wish her every good fortune with her $3 million prize.”

Throughout Australia, it was the only entry that won first division in Powerball draw 1078 on Thursday 12 January, 2017.

The winning numbers in Powerball draw 1078 were 36, 11, 29, 4, 14 and 26, and the all-important Powerball number was 17.

 Powerball will offer a $3 million division one prize in Thursday’s draw.

Last night’s Powerball winner take the Lott’s division one winning tally to 224 so far this financial year, including 53 won by Golden Casket customers.