After 32 days winner claims Modbury's X Lotto prize!

For 32 days SA Lotteries has been holding out hope for a X Lotto player who won division one with a ticket purchased in Modbury to come forward and claim their prize – and the wait is finally over!

Today the winner has finally come out of the woodwork to claim the division one prize worth more than $408,000, however has chosen to keep their identity and reasons for the delay a tightly held secret.

The anonymous winner purchased their unregistered 18-game QuickPick X Lotto ticket from Modbury Plaza Hotel at 989 North East Road, which won division one in draw 3657 on Saturday 6 August 2016.

Leanne Grivell is the Gaming Manager at Modbury Plaza Hotel and said she couldn’t wait to let her regulars know that a somewhat mysterious winner had finally come to pick up the prize.

“It’s been a very exciting time, wondering who it could be, waiting for them to claim the prize, and imagining what was taking so long!” Ms Grivell exclaimed.

“I was starting to worry the winning ticket may have been put through someone’s clothes wash or was sitting collecting dust in someone’s top draw – so it’s a relief to know it’s been brought forward finally.

“We’ve had a great response from our customers who keep checking in and asking whether the mystery had been solved. So I’ll definitely be letting them in on the exciting news that the case can now be closed.

“I bet whoever has won it is absolutely thrilled and we’re very happy for them. Even though we may never know who’s won it, we hope that they’ll come back and visit us at the Modbury Plaza Hotel.”

SA Lotteries reminds players of the importance of registering their tickets to a Easiplay Club card so all of their prizes are secure and they can be contacted directly with the good news of a big win. T

hroughout Australia, there were ten entries that won a first division prize of $408,302.66 in X Lotto draw 3657 on Saturday 6 August 2016. Along with the division one winning entry from Modbury, South Australia, there were five division one winning entries sold in Victoria, two from Western Australia and one from New South Wales.

The winning numbers in Saturday X Lotto draw 3657 on Saturday 6 August 2016 were 19, 31, 6, 15, 23 and 12, with the supplementary numbers 8 and 22.