Green Valley store syndicate wins division one prize!

Seventeen members of a Green Valley store syndicate have had an exciting start to the working week after discovering their shared entry in the weekend’s Saturday Lotto draw won a first division prize!

In addition to the first division prize of $521,827.54, the syndicate of players also won other divisional prizes, making their total prize worth $531,990.34 or $31,293.56 per share.

The 17-share syndicate was set up by Green Valley Newsagency, 174 Green Valley Road in Green Valley.

Vincent Cao is the owner of Green Valley Newsagency and was excited to discover one of his store syndicates won a first division prize in the weekend’s draw.

“It’s fantastic! I’m happy to have so many winning customers!” Mr Cao exclaimed.

“I find syndicates are very popular with my customers. I actually have a few workplaces set their syndicates at my store through the lottery terminal so each member gets their own ticket.

“That was the case with this winning store syndicate and I got to break the news to the syndicate leader – he didn’t believe me at first!”

One of the happy syndicate ticket holders said he was surprised by the news this morning that they’d each won more than $31,000 in the weekend’s draw.

“We’re having a very good Monday!” the syndicate member declared.

“The syndicate has been going for about four years now but I’ve only been a part of it for 12 months.

“I’m not sure what I’ll be doing with my share of the division one prize but I’m sure a lot of us are thinking about taking holidays!”

The winners have chosen to remain anonymous.

Throughout Australia, there were eight entries that won a first division prize of $521,827.54 in the weekend’s Saturday Lotto draw on Saturday 17 September.

Along with the winning syndicate entry from Green Valley, there were two other division one winning entries sold in New South Wales, two were sold in Victoria, one in South Australia and two in Western Australia. The other two New South Wales entries were sold online and in Tweed Heads South.

The winning numbers in Saturday Lotto draw 3669 on Saturday 17 September 2016 were 3, 8, 18, 12, 9 and 27, with the supplementary numbers 39 and 4.

The winning entry in Saturday Lotto draw 3669 is one of the Lott’s 104 division one winning entries so far this financial year, including 31 NSW Lotteries first division winning entries.