Gympie pensioner's socks knocked off after discovering $2 million Powerball win!

What would you do with $2 million? That’s the first question a Gympie pensioner asked himself out loud after discovering he was the missing $2 million Powerball winner Golden Casket had been waiting to hear from since last Friday.

The overwhelmed winner was stunned when a Golden Casket official broke the life-changing news to him that he’d won a $2 million division one share in last Thursday’s Powerball draw.

“Get out! Holy hell! What am I going to do with $2 million?” the flabbergasted winner asked.

“Don’t worry I’ll find something to do with it! Wow – you really have knocked my socks off!

“I had heard the news that Golden Casket had a registered Powerball winner in Gympie but couldn’t contact them because their details were wrong but I was sure mine were up-to-date so I didn’t think it was me!

“Cor blimey Charlie – I think there’s a stubby in the fridge at home for me to celebrate with this afternoon!”

When asked by a Golden Casket official if he’ll buy anything new like a car or clothes, the winner said, “I won’t be getting new clothes. I wear the same shirt I’ve had for 30 years! I’ll have to think about what I’ll do with my prize money but my life won’t change.”

While the winner registered his $2 million winning ticket to a Winners Circle card, he missed out on receiving his dream-come-true phone call last Friday morning because his contact details were not up-to-date.

The division one winning Powerball entry was purchased at Nextra Gympie in Gympie Central Shopping Centre, Excelsior Road in Gympie.

Linda Garrett is the manager of Nextra Gympie and was delighted to learn their winner had come forward.

“We’re so happy to hear that our winner now knows they’re a new multi-millionaire!” Ms Garrett exclaimed.

“Since news got out last week that we had a missing $2 million Powerball winner, everyone’s been asking us if they’ve come forward yet. Now we’ll be able to give them all an update!

“We’re delighted for our winner and wish them all the best for the future!”

Around Australia, there were three entries that won a first division prize in last Thursday’s huge $6 million Powerball jackpot draw worth $2 million each. Along with the winning entry from Gympie, the other division one winning tickets were purchased in New South Wales and Western Australia.

The winning numbers in Powerball draw 1060 on Thursday 8 September were 31, 25, 9, 28, 17 and 10. The Powerball number was 2.

The winning entry in Powerball draw is one of the Lott’s 98 division one winning entries so far this financial year.