Saturday Lotto Superdraw secrets revealed!

NSW Lotteries has crunched the data from 2016’s six Superdraw events to uncover similarities between the 90 entries from across the country that have won a Superdraw division one prize.

Superdraw Saturday events are scheduled throughout the year and offer customers a super-sized division prize pool. This weekend’s $21 Million Superdraw division one prize pool is more than five times larger than the average Saturday Lotto division one prize pool (estimated $4 million) with the same odds of winning.

NSW Lotteries spokesperson Belinda McDougall said this Saturday’s $21 Million Superdraw on 3 September will be the seventh Superdraw event to be held in 2016, and with only two sleeps to go NSW Lotteries is revealing some Superdraw secrets.

“While it’s an entertaining game of chance, superstitious players may like to have some Superdraw secrets up their sleeve!” Ms McDougall exclaimed.

“If players are searching for numbers which might win them a slice of the Superdraw prize, they may like to know the most frequently drawn number across the six Superdraws so far this year is the number 31 which has been drawn three times. Coming in second are the numbers 1, 2, 3, 8, 10, 24, 27, 28, 40, 44 and 45 which have each been drawn twice.

“Of the Lott’s 75 division one winning Superdraw entries this year, the most common ticket type is a 50-game entry which has won 10 division one prizes in Superdraws so far this year.

“While almost half (44.0%) of the Lott’s 75 division one winning Superdraw entries this year have been a System entry (33 System entries overall), a System 8 entry is the 2nd most common division one entry type winning eight division one prizes so far in 2016.

“Finally, 17.3% of the Lott’s division one winning Superdraw entries this year have been Syndicate entries (13 syndicates) and 16% division one winning tickets were purchased online (12 online entries).”

Ms McDougall said Superdraw events are perfect for Saturday Lotto players who want to dream even bigger since the statistics show they commonly deliver the million dollar dream for division one winners.

“The average number of division one winners in Superdraw events this year has been 15 in each super-sized prize pool draw, with these winners enjoying an average division one prize of $1,488,888.88,” Ms McDougall explained. 

“In fact in 2016, there have been 90 division one winning Superdraw entries nationally each worth more than $1 million – so I imagine there are plenty of million dollar dreams already coming true for those winners across the country.

“With the millions of Superdraw dollars won winners have travelled the world, cut back their hours at work or enjoyed an early retirement, renovated their houses, upgraded their cars, paid off their mortgages, shared their fortunes with family and even wrote a shopping list with everything their heart desired!

“There’s still time to purchase an entry for your chance to share in the super-sized $21 million prize pool and fulfil your own million dollar dream but the hot tip is to get in early to avoid the rush!”

It’s expected that more than 1.29 million customers in the Lott jurisdictions will purchase an entry into the $21 Million Superdraw on Saturday with approximately 161,331 tickets processed each hour – that’s 2,688 per minute or 44 per second!

Purchase your $21 Million Superdraw entry at any NSW Lotteries retailer, online at, or download the new app