Geelong lunching ladies win TattsLotto!

A group of ladies from Geelong made the dream-come-true discovery that their shared TattsLotto entry won a division one prize of more than $400,000 in the weekend’s draw.

The happy ladies, who formerly worked together for many years, say they still catch up every month for lunch and to organise their shared TattsLotto entry.

“We’re all retirees now so we are rapt! It’s wonderful! We’re all tickled pink I can tell you!” one of the ladies exclaimed.

“We go out to lunch every month us girls and that’s when we pool our money for our entry. I get one every single week regardless. I’ve never missed a draw since day one, with the same special numbers since we started.

“None of us were watching the draw because the Olympics were on, so I got the Sunday paper and I had a look at the results and I thought ‘Oh god – we’ve got six numbers!’

“When I told the girls we won division one, one of them said ‘No, no, you’ve got it all wrong, you’ve made a mistake, we haven’t got 22 and we haven’t got the 8!’ And I replied ‘We don’t need it, because they were the supps!’

“Next time we catch up for lunch, we’re going to upgrade to a restaurant to celebrate, not a pub meal!”

The private syndicate leader explained she thinks she may have won on a bit of good karma.

“It’s funny because I recently offered my car park ticket to a stranger looking for a spot, because I had another 30 minutes left on my space, so I handed it to him and he said ‘I hope you win TattsLotto!’” she exclaimed.

She said the win would mean life’s simple little luxuries were within reach.

“We’re comfortable, but we’re not wealthy, so it will just be nice to know we don’t have to worry about leaving the lights on and not worry so much about shopping the specials at the supermarket – I’ve always sort of been like that. I can just be a little bit more lax now if you know what you mean.”

She joked she had been distracting herself until she received the official confirmation from Tatts this morning about their windfall.

“I was wondering when you would ring! You wouldn’t believe this, but I’ve been too fluttery so I was actually in the middle of washing my floor to keep myself busy,” she laughed.

“I heard Geelong has been a lucky city on the weekend with another winner in Norlane as well!”

The ladies, who wish to remain anonymous, purchased their division one winning System 8 marked entry from Newcomb Lotto, Shop 10 in Newcomb Central, 61-71 Bellarine Highway in Newcomb.

John Maroulis is the owner of Newcomb Lotto and was delighted to have sold a division one winning ticket to a group of his regular customers.

“It’s all very exciting! We’re absolutely thrilled!” Mr Maroulis exclaimed.

“I’ve been here now for three years and this is our first division one winning ticket since we started, so it’s pretty special to us.

“The shop sold two other TattsLotto division one prizes under previous management, a $400,000 TattsLotto prize in April 2010 and then a $2.5 million TattsLotto Superdraw prize in June 2013.

“We have a lot of lovely regular customers so it’s wonderful to know it could be some of them who have had their numbers come up!

“We wish the ladies all the best with the windfall!”

Throughout Australia, there were ten entries that won a first division prize of $408,302.66 in the weekend’s TattsLotto draw. There were five division one winning entries sold in Victoria, one each in New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia and two were from Western Australia.

The division one winning entries sold in Victoria were purchased from Newcomb, Norlane, Fitzroy, Endeavour Hills and Blackburn North.

The winning numbers in TattsLotto draw 3657 on Saturday 6 August 2016 were 19, 31, 6, 15, 23 and 12, with the supplementary numbers 8 and 22.