Saturday Lotto's $20 Million Superdraw is this weekend! What's your million dollar dream?

If you’ve ever found yourself dreaming about what you’d do if you won a million dollars then you’d better grab your entry in Saturday Lotto’s $20 Million Superdraw!

Time is running out for customers to buy a ticket in this weekend’s $20 Million Superdraw for the chance to win a share of the larger than normal division one prize pool and dream even bigger!

NSW Lotteries spokesperson Belinda McDougall said Saturday Lotto Superdraws have already made many million dollar dreams come true in 2016.

“So far this year, 51 division one winning entries from across the Lott’s jurisdictions have shared in more than $70 million in prize money including 14 from NSW Lotteries!” Ms McDougall exclaimed.

“In last month’s Superdraw a Sydney couple who won $1.5 million said, ‘We never in our wildest dreams thought we’d win first division. There are so many things we’ve wanted to do but we couldn’t afford to do it but now we can!’.

“While millions of people dream everyday about winning, how many have actually stopped and thought about how much money they’d need to win to make their lotto dreams come true.

“It might surprise some people to know that research conducted by the Lott revealed that 38.4% of respondents from New South Wales would be happy with a magical one million dollars to realise their dreams.

“A further 37.5% said $5 million would be their dream-making amount with only about 11% of respondents wanting to win $20 million or more.

“Whether your lotto dream is a yacht or a tinny, a sports car or a sedan, make sure you purchase an entry in this weekend’s $20 Million Superdraw for your chance to win and turn your dream into a reality.

“Don’t forget to register your entry to your Players Club card; this will ensure your prize is secure and you can get that dream-come-true phone call if you win a share in division one,” Ms McDougall added.

Tickets in Saturday Lotto’s $20 Million Superdraw are now on sale from all NSW Lotteries outlets and online from