$200,000 BONUS Instant Scratch-Its prize means the world for winner!

A hard-working woman from the Nambour area declared she was shocked and in a state of disbelief after being told she had won $200,000 in the Instant Scratch-Its June bonus draw.

The emotional winner said she was having trouble believing she was $200,000 richer after being drawn as the bonus winner.

“Wow. I’m so emotional, I need to sit down,” the winner confessed.

“Oh my – this is fantastic! This means a hell of a lot. You have no idea!

“I feel like I’m dreaming. I never win anything – I’ve only ever won a meat tray. This is the best phone call I’ve ever had!

“I’ve been struggling a bit lately so this win has come at the best time. I was hoping and praying that I would win after seeing the poster in the lotto outlet and entering online.

“Winning $200,000 means I’ll be able to pay a big chunk off my mortgage, I’ll help out my kids, my car needs a service and I might even buy a ride-on mower! “

I told the ladies at work if I won the $200,000 I’d shout them to lunch and I’ll certainly be doing that. It will be a lovely celebration.”

The Instant Scratch-Its June bonus draw gave customers the chance to win $200,000 all thanks to the $20 Around the World Game Book ticket (Game 1053).

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