Stawell man 'sparks up life' with $6 million Powerball prize!

A man from Stawell in his 50’s knew almost all along that he was the $6 million Powerball prize winner in last Thursday night’s draw, but took his time to let it all sink in.

After five days the happy man contacted Tatts today to start the process of claiming his multi-million dollar prize.

The man said he actually checked his ticket on Friday night before heading out to catch up with friends and managed to keep a straight face the entire evening despite the thought of being a multi-millionaire creeping into his mind now and then.

“Just before I turned up for dinner I checked my ticket and realised that I’d matched all of the numbers and the Powerball and I just couldn’t believe it! I had to use a lot of will power to block it out of my mind,” the man exclaimed.

“I thought maybe there were a few winners in the draw who would share in the jackpot so the next morning I walked past Stawell Lotto and saw the sign there in the window which read ‘Congratulations to our $6 million Powerball winner’ – I started yelling ‘YIPPEE YI YO!’ so lucky no-one was around!

“The Powerball dream was sold here! It’s going to change my life and my family’s life! I’ll set up my family with property which is an opportunity to spark up their life, and for me I’ll buy myself a little house on a farm and put my feet up and relax.”

The man admitted he had a funny feeling he was going to win the lotto recently.

“I usually play Oz Lotto each week but this week I forgot to put on an entry so instead I purchased an entry in Powerball – I had this sneaky suspicion I was going to win that $6 million,” he explained.

“I’ve always thought someone’s got to win it and it may as well be me. But now that I’ve hit the jackpot and it’s all come true, I still can’t believe it!

“My new lucky number is 6 – the Powerball number was 6 and I won $6 million on game 36!”

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased his 50-game QuickPick entry from Stawell Lotto, at 105 Main Street.

Ross Lumley is the owner of Stawell Lotto and was happy to hear the huge Powerball prize had finally been claimed by his winning customer.

“It’s been fantastic knowing we sold a division one winning Powerball ticket and now it’s a big relief that they’ve come forward and claimed their prize!” Mr Lumley exclaimed.

“We’ve had plenty of customers coming in and checking their Powerball ticket during the past five days, so it’s great news that the winner has come out of the woodwork and claimed their prize.

“It’s also good to know that they live in Stawell and that we’ve helped change the life of another one of our customers.

“We’ve sold two first division winning TattsLotto tickets in the past two years but now this Powerball windfall will go down in our history books as the biggest prize winning ticket we’ve ever sold!”

Tatts players are encouraged to register their entries to a Tatts Card because not only does it ensure their prize is secure, it also means they can be contacted directly with the news of a division one win.

Throughout Australia, it was the only entry that won first division in Powerball draw 1046 on Thursday 2 June.

The winning numbers in Powerball draw 1046 were 10, 25, 39, 31, 19 and 2, with the Powerball number 6.