Retirees set to cruise away thanks to X Lotto win!

Retired grandparents from the western suburbs of Adelaide are getting set to take to the high seas to celebrate winning a division one share and other divisional prizes worth $343,643.37 in the weekend’s X Lotto draw.

The elated wife said she and her husband checked their ticket a million times before letting themselves believe they had won division one.

“I checked our ticket over and over again on Sunday morning and when I realised we had all six winning numbers I gave the ticket to my husband to double check,” the winning wife explained.

“When we finally let ourselves believe we had all six winning numbers we rang our children to share the exciting news with them. They were all so happy for us!

“Since then I’ve only had a couple of hours sleep – I’ve been so excited. We’re retired so this win will make a big difference to us.

“First, my husband and I will celebrate and treat ourselves to a cruise and after that our prize money will help decrease our stress – it’s just great.

“It may sound odd but on Saturday I had a strange calm feeling come over me and I had a thought that we would win.

“We randomly picked the winning numbers out of the air one day and low and behold now they’ll be our favourite numbers.”

The winners have chosen to remain anonymous.

The division one winning System 7 marked ticket was purchased at West Lakes Shore Foodland, Bartley Terrace, West Lakes Shore.

Becc Vassallo is the supervisor of West Lakes Shore Foodland and was ecstatic to be celebrating their first division one win at the outlet.

“This is great news! It’s our first division one winning entry that we have sold and it’s been a long time coming. The owners have had the outlet for more than 20 years and I’ve been working here for 17 years,” Ms Vassallo explained.

“We’re very excited for our winning customer and it’s very exciting for all the staff here at West Lakes Shore Foodland.

“We’d like to congratulate our very first division one winning customer and wish them all the best for their future.”

Throughout Australia, there were 12 entries that won a first division prize of $339,533.67 in the weekend’s X Lotto draw. Along with the winning entry from West Lakes Shore in South Australia, there were two winning entries sold in New South Wales, six in Victoria, and one each in Tasmania, Queensland and the Northern Territory.

The winning numbers in X Lotto draw 3645 on Saturday 25 June 2016 were 31, 7, 28, 10, 4 and 17, with the supplementary numbers 12 and 23.