Horsham man rapt with $1.5 million TattsLotto win!

A local man from Horsham is a brand new millionaire after discovering his entry in the weekend’s TattsLotto $22 Million glacial Superdraw won one of 14 division one prizes worth $1.5 million!

The generous family man, who wishes to remain anonymous, said it wasn’t until late on Sunday afternoon that he realised the dream-come-true news that he had become a millionaire overnight.

“After feeding our pets on Sunday afternoon, I went online and pulled up the winning numbers from the Superdraw and saw all my numbers - they were all there!” the man exclaimed.

“I’m still absolutely rapt! I yelled to my kids ‘I’M A MILLIONAIRE!’ and they responded saying ‘You’re pulling our leg! Nah no way, you know it’s not April Fool’s day!’

“But then I showed them my ticket and the winning numbers and their jaws dropped!

“First I’ll take my daughter shopping – she’ll help me spent it! I’m sure she’ll have a big long list ready,” he laughed.

“But in all seriousness, it will make life easier for my children. I’ll be able to pitch in here and there and lend a big helping hand where needed.

“Everything seems to have fallen into place!”

The winner purchased his System 9 marked entry from Horsham Lotto, 72 Firebrace Street in Horsham.

Dianna Richards from Horsham Lotto said she couldn’t be happier to have sold a division one winning entry to one of their local customers.

“We couldn’t be happy to know that it’s been won by a local customer, someone who supports our outlet and may even come in day in day out hoping for their division one dream to come true!” Ms Richards exclaimed.

“Sometimes it can feel like the wins are happening everywhere but here, but I think when Stawell had their Powerball winner recently it really shook everyone up and had them thinking it really could happen to me!

“We were joking that the luck from Stawell would trickle down to Horsham and now it has!

“Having a win like this in town lifts the spirit of everyone. Oh golly you should hear the buzz the news of a millionaire has been creating here!

“Now our customers can dream a little bigger now that we’ve had a win so close to home!”

Throughout Australia, there were fourteen entries that had the warm fuzzy feeling of a division one win in TattsLotto’s $22 Million glacial Superdraw and won a first division prize of $1,571,428.58.

Along with four winning entries purchased in Victoria, there were four division one winning entries sold in New South Wales, and two each sold in South Australia, Queensland and Western Australia.

The winning numbers in TattsLotto’s $22 Million glacial Superdraw 3643 on Saturday 18 June 2016 were 20, 13, 44, 2, 1 and 39 with the supplementary numbers 4 and 7.