Endless summer or winter wonderland: Research reveals how we'd spend a $1 million Lotto windfall this winter

This weekend’s winter wonderland themed $22 Million Superdraw has customers embracing the chill and dreaming of what they could do and where they could go if they won a share in Lotto’s $22 million division one prize pool.

The Lott recently asked more than 1,000 Australian adults how they would spend their winter with a $1 million share in Lotto’s $22 Million Superdraw.

The research, conducted by ReachTEL, revealed that although we’re officially only two weeks into winter we’ve had enough of the cold, with a large proportion (39.3 per cent) of respondents dreaming of a holiday escape to somewhere warm.

When asked about the destination on their plane ticket, tropical Queensland was the most popular destination with 29.6 per cent of respondents dreaming of escaping to the Great Barrier Reef, closely followed by 29.4 per cent planning a Mediterranean sojourn.

The Lott spokesperson Nicole Hogan said the results were not surprising as Australians are known to be sun lovers.

“A lot of Australians dream of an endless summer, and a $1 million Lotto windfall could turn that dream into a reality,” Ms Hogan said.

“We have some fantastic tropical destinations here in Australia, but you could travel the globe chasing summers with $1 million in the bank!

“Other desirable destinations offering a warmer climate this time of year included a remote tropical island (18.3 per cent), the West Coast of the USA (13.3 per cent), and Southeast Asia (9.4 per cent).”

While escaping to a warmer climate might be desirable for some, around one-fifth (21.3 per cent) of those surveyed said they would pull on their ugg boots and spend the cooler months rugged up indoors with their favourite movies and books.

A further 19.1 per cent would use a $1 million winter windfall to visit wine country and relax in a quaint B&B.

“There are so many ways to spend winter in Australia as a millionaire, but of course you have to be in it to win it,” Ms Hogan said.

“Lotto’s $22 Million Superdraw is coming up this Saturday 18 June, and with it comes your chance to live your winter dream with a share in $22 million.”

Tickets in Saturday’s $22 Million Superdraw are now on sale from all the Lott outlets and online from www.thelott.com.


Question 1. If you won $1 million in the lotto, of the following how would you spend your winter?



Escape on a holiday to somewhere warm


Head to the ski fields for an action-packed break


Brave the outdoors and go glamping


Visit the wine country and relax in a quaint B&B


Enjoy the cool by rugging up indoors with your favourite movies and books



Question 2. If you won $1 million in the lotto, of the following where would you choose to escape the winter cold?



Great Barrier Reef


A remote tropical island


The Mediterranean


Southeast Asia


West Coast of the USA



This survey was conducted using an automated telephone based survey system among 1,070 voters. The data has been weighted to reflect the population age and gender distribution as provided by the ABS. Telephone numbers and the person within the household were selected at random. Copyright ReachTEL Pty Ltd.