Sydney man 'stoked' after winning $25,000 in an instant!

A Sydney man in his 20s who stopped to buy himself a refreshing cold drink ended up winning a thirst-quenching $25,000 after scratching the top prize an Instant Scratch-Its $2 ticket.

The elated winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, said he was excited his spur-of-the-moment purchase scored him the $25,000 top prize!

“I’m stoked! It was just one of those things that happens. I was in the car with a mate driving around when we stopped at a servo to grab a few cold soft drinks,” the excited winner explained.

“While I was at the counter paying for my drink, I decided to buy a couple of scratchie tickets as well. I didn’t scratch them straight away. It was later that night that I remembered I had the tickets and I thought I better scratch them.

“After I’d scratched my $2 ticket, I looked at it and thought wow I’ve won! I called out to my mate to look at my scratchie ticket and after he checked it he shouted, ‘Holy moly – you’ve won $25,000!’.

“It was about 11 o’clock at night but I called my folks straight away to tell them my exciting news. Dad asked me what had I done and I told him that I’d just won $25,000! He didn’t believe me and said he wouldn’t until I showed him my winning ticket!

“Actually the few people I have told haven’t believed me at first but then I’ve shown them my winning scratchie ticket! I think that I’ve only ever bought maybe one or two scratchie tickets before and they were to give to someone else!

“I’m going to put most of my windfall in the bank and I’ll use some of it to buy myself a nice car.”

The top prize winning Instant Scratch-Its $2 ticket was purchased at Woolworths Petrol - Kingswood, 66 Parker Street in Penrith.

It can happen in an instant. It could happen to you.