TattsLotto dishes out three division one wins in Victoria!

Tuesday 3 May 2016 - In the weekend’s TattsLotto draw there were three entries purchased in Victoria from Sunshine West, Mulgrave and Camberwell that each will claim a $668,413.78 division one slice of the prize pool pie!

Sunshine West syndicate crack division one!

There are at least 19 or so secret celebrations occurring across Victoria after a group syndicate, operated by Glen Gala Lotto & Sub News in Sunshine West with shares sold across 10 Tatts outlets, won a division one share in the weekend’s TattsLotto draw!

In addition to the first division prize of $668,413.78, the syndicate entry also picked up other division prizes thanks to their System 13 marked entry, making the total prize worth $717,565.33 or $37,766.59 per share!

Jenny He is the owner of Glen Gala Lotto & Sub News and said she was thrilled she’d set up another division one winning syndicate.

“We called this group syndicate ‘The Winning Code’ because we selected our own numbers to play! That approach seems to be working well for us as this is the second division one winning syndicate we have set up in under eight months!” Ms He exclaimed.

“We’ve been offering this syndicate for about four months now, so it’s still quite new! To know that our numbers have won again and will deliver more than $37,000 for 19 customers across 10 selling outlets is a great reason to celebrate!

“I’ve spoken with some of the syndicate winners who have been completely stunned! Understandably it’s quite a shock when you find out the news all-of-a-sudden and without any expectations of winning division one! In fact, some of our customers also won in our last division one winning syndicate, so it’s second time lucky for them!

“A few of the winners did mention to me that they would start planning holidays! We are so happy for all 19 of the winners and wish them all the best with their winnings!”

The winning group syndicate was operated by Glen Gala Lotto & Sub News at Shop 2 in Glen Gala Shopping Centre on the corner of Fitzgerald Road and David Drive in Sunshine West.

Shares in the 19-member group syndicate were purchased from; 

  • Glen Gala Lotto & Sub News in Sunshine West (Seven shares),
  • Jackpot Centre in Northcote (Three shares),
  • Bourke Street Lotto in Melbourne (Two shares),
  • Wanda Street Lotto in Mulgrave (One share),
  • Wyndham Village Lotto in Tarneit (One share),
  • Forest Hill Newsagency in Forest Hill (One share),
  • Altona Gate Lucky Lotto in Altona North (One share),
  • Burwood One Lotto & Tobacco Station in Burwood East (One share),
  • Southvale Newsagency in Springvale South (One share), and
  • Glenhuntly News & Lotto in Glenhuntly (One share).

Glen Gala Lotto & Sub News also operated a division one winning 11-member group syndicate in TattsLotto in September 2015 which saw each member claiming a $67,478.92 share.

Mulgrave’s TattsLotto win!

A couple from the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne are looking forward to a much more comfortable lifestyle after their entry in the weekend’s TattsLotto draw won a division one share worth $668,413.78.

The delighted winning woman said she could only utter ‘wow, wow, wow’ when she first realised that she had matched the six winning numbers on the very first row of her 12-game marked entry.

“Honestly, I couldn’t believe it!” the woman exclaimed.

“I was just clearing out my wallet of old dockets and TattsLotto tickets – I had weeks and weeks worth in there – but thought I’d better scan them with the Tatts app before tossing them out.

“When I scanned the last ticket in the pile all these yellow balls popped up on the very first line of numbers. So my husband and I called Tatts straight away to check what it meant and that’s when we were told that we’d won division one!

“You know it’s very hard not to shout out at the top of your lungs ‘I WON TATTSLOTTO!’

“My husband sat on our steps and cried. You have absolutely no idea what this win means to us!

“We never win anything. We always say if you want to win the raffle, you should buy the ticket before and after ours because it’s a guaranteed win! We tend to be the runner-up winners, but not this time!”

The happy couple, who wish to remain anonymous, purchased their winning 12-game marked entry from Waverley Gardens Lotto, Kiosk 7 in the Waverley Gardens on Police Road, Mulgrave.

Dinis Leongue is the owner of Waverley Gardens Lotto and said that it was an incredible feeling to have sold another division one winning ticket to his customers.

“Waverley Gardens Lotto is no stranger to division one wins and we have the medallions hanging on our wall to prove it, but it’s always great to have a new one to hang up!” Mr Leongue exclaimed.

“In March 2013 we sold a TattsLotto entry which won a division one prize worth $1.4 million, and in November that same year we set up a 36-member group syndicate who shared in total prizes worth more than $2.2 million! In September 2014, we also had a TattsLotto first division winner claim a $360,000 prize.

“This recent division one win must mean our good fortune is here to stay and I hope we have another win for another lucky streak soon!”

Camberwell claims a division one win!

Another TattsLotto player is no doubt smiling from ear to ear today after winning division one and additional prizes in the weekend’s TattsLotto draw totalling $693,949.88!

It will be a secret celebration for the unregistered winner who has chosen to remain completely anonymous after their System 10 marked entry purchased in Melbourne’s eastern suburb of Camberwell won a first division prize on Saturday night.

The division one winning TattsLotto entry was purchased at Camberwell News & Lotto, 741 Burke Road in Camberwell.

Becky Jin is the owner of Camberwell News & Lotto and was thrilled to discover the news that she had sold a division one winning ticket to a mysterious customer.

“You’re kidding! That’s amazing news because it’s our first division one winning entry in about three years so I’ll always remember it! Fingers crossed the next one is just around the corner!” Ms Jin exclaimed.

Throughout Australia, there were six entries that each won a division one share worth $668,413.78 in TattsLotto draw 3629 on Saturday 30 April. In addition to the three winning tickets sold in Victoria, there was one winning ticket each sold in South Australia, Queensland and Western Australia.

The winning numbers in TattsLotto draw 3629 on Saturday 30 April were 20, 2, 24, 27, 22 and 30. The supplementary numbers were 10 and 26.