Northcote's newest TattsLotto millionaire may not know it's them!

An unregistered TattsLotto ticket purchased from Melbourne’s north-eastern suburb of Northcote was the only Victorian division one prize winning entry in the weekend’s TattsLotto draw, worth more than $1.3 million!

The trouble is the ticket holder may not know that they’re Northcote’s newest millionaire because when they purchased their ticket from Northcote Lucky Lotto, they did not register it to a Tatts Card.

Tatts spokesperson Claire Taylor said Tatts is unable to contact the unregistered ticket holder with the dream-come-true news that their six winning numbers came up in the weekend’s draw.

“Someone who purchased a TattsLotto entry in the weekend’s draw from Northcote has won a division one prize worth more than $1.3 million but they may not have checked their ticket yet!” Ms Taylor exclaimed.

“Imagine the week they could have if they realised that they could start living life as a millionaire. What a way to shake off the Monday blues.

“That’s why we’re encouraging all TattsLotto players who purchased an entry in Northcote to check their ticket as soon as possible to see if it has all six winning numbers – 42, 35, 37, 1, 34 and 2.

“If you believe you are holding the division one winning ticket, please keep it in a safe place and phone Tatts on 131 868 to start the process of claiming your prize!”

The winner purchased their unregistered TattsLotto entry from Northcote Lucky Lotto, Kiosk 1, Northcote Plaza Shopping Centre in 3 Separation Street in Northcote.

Tatts always recommends customers register their entries to a Tatts Card by scanning it when they purchase their entry into the draw. This ensures their prize is secure and we can contact them directly with news of a big win.

Throughout Australia, there were three entries that each won a division one share worth $1,379,921.62 in the weekend’s TattsLotto draw. Apart from the winning entry purchased in Victoria, there was one winning ticket each purchased in the Northern Territory and New South Wales.

The winning numbers in TattsLotto draw 3637 on Saturday 28 May were 42, 35, 37, 1, 34 and 21. The supplementary numbers were 26 and 11.