Wednesday Lotto delivers million dollar mid-week to Victoria!

In last night’s Monday & Wednesday Lotto draw, there were two division one winning entries purchased in Victoria which each scoring a first division prize of $1 million to bring home the week with a bang!

One of the division one winning entries was shared by a 10-member store syndicate set up by Chirnside Lotto in Melbourne’s north-eastern suburb of Chirnside Park, with each member claiming a $100,000 share of the $1 million division one prize.

The second division one winning entry was won by a single ticket purchased from Winning Lotteries St Albans in Melbourne’s north-western suburb of St Albans.

However the unregistered ticket holder is yet to come forward to Tatts to claim their prize.

Division one home run for Chirnside Park syndicate!

A long-standing weekly store syndicate with 10 popular positions, named “All Bases”, has knocked a division one win right into Chirnside Park, winning a total prize of $1 million or $100,000 per share.

The 10 syndicate shares belong to customers of Chirnside Lotto, Shop 643 in Chirnside Park Shopping Centre on the Maroondah Highway in Chirnside Park, who set up the winning syndicate.

Peter Crofts is the owner of Chirnside Lotto and said that a handful of his winning customers had been members of the weekly syndicate for a number of years.

“It’s amazing to know ten of our customers, including many regulars, will each be $100,000 richer thanks to an entry in our winning “All Bases” syndicate! Who wouldn’t be thrilled with that!” Mr Crofts said.

“We’ve run this syndicate every week since the very beginning about 5 years ago and it’s always been popular with many of our regular customers always jumping in to get a share.

“It’s a popular syndicate because we package up a 50-game QuickPick in many games across the week – including Monday & Wednesday Lotto, Oz Lotto, Powerball and TattsLotto – so that we’re covering all the bases and I like to imagine it allows our customers to sit back every morning with a cup of tea while marking off their numbers from the night before.

“In March our store sold two second division winning entries in separate TattsLotto draws, with prizes worth more than $7,000 in draw 3615 and $8,000 in draw 3619, but nothing beats the feeling of selling a division one winning syndicate!”

Tatts is waiting with bated breath for St Albans’ millionaire!

Another Monday & Wednesday Lotto player who purchased their entry in Melbourne’s north-western suburb of St Albans has won a division one share worth $1 million in last night’s draw!

Tatts spokesperson Claire Taylor said because the winning entry was not registered to a Tatts Card, it’s possible that the brand new millionaire is still completely unaware of their new status.

“St Albans’ winning ticket was not registered to a Tatts Card, so the only person with a clue as to who the new millionaire could be is the mystery person holding the first division winning ticket!” Ms Taylor exclaimed.

“That’s why we’re encouraging customers who purchased an unregistered entry in the last night’s Monday & Wednesday Lotto draw from Winning Lotteries St Albans to check their ticket as soon as possible, as they could be the millionaire we’re waiting for.

“Imagine the kind of mid-week thrill you’d get from discovering you’d won division one and could start planning your life with an extra $1 million lining your pocket!”

The division one winning entry was purchased from Winning Lotteries St Albans, 59 Alfrieda Street in St Albans.

Throughout Australia, there were four entries that won first division in Monday & Wednesday Lotto which offers a guaranteed division one prize of $1 million for up to four winners in each draw. Along with the two winning entries from Victoria, there was one division one winning ticket each sold in Queensland and New South Wales.

The winning numbers in Wednesday Lotto draw 3555 on Wednesday 11 May were 22, 13, 1, 31, 8 and 11. The supplementary numbers were 41 and 25.