Instant Scratch-Its win leaves Adelaide father walking on air!

Wednesday 20 April 2016 - A father from the western suburbs of Adelaide received an extra special gift this year after he won the $20,000 top prize on an Instant Scratch-Its $1 ticket!

The winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, said his children took him out for breakfast but the real surprise came when he got home and decided to scratch the Instant Scratch-Its tickets in his card.

“I was just in the kitchen on my own when I started scratching the pile of Instant Scratch-Its tickets that my kids gave me as a gift,” the man explained.

“I was getting towards the bottom of the pile thinking to myself that the $15 I’d already won was not a bad prize!

“It must have been the second last ticket that I was scratching when I realised I had all three symbols and had won the top prize of $20,000!

“I went out the back and yelled to my wife to come over and check it! We were thrilled!

“We’re absolutely over the moon that my $1 ticket turned into $20,000! Since I won I’ve been walking on air!”

When asked by a SA Lotteries Official what he planned to do with the windfall, the man said he would be putting the majority of the money towards a nicer retirement!

“There should be enough for a nice bottle of Port, and I suppose I’m going to have to share it with the kids too!” he added jokingly.

The top prize winning Instant Scratch-Its $1 ticket was purchased at West Beach Newsagency, 693 Burbridge Road in West Beach.

The latest range of Instant Scratch-Its tickets are available now at SA Lotteries outlets.

It can happen in an instant. It could happen to you.