Golden Grove man's $50,000 Keno win a 'RIPPER'!

Friday 18 March 2016 - A man from Adelaide’s north-eastern suburb of Golden Grove was overjoyed to discover that all eight numbers on his Keno Spot 8 entry had been drawn on Thursday, winning him a prize of $50,000!

The jovial man said he couldn’t contain his excitement when he realised that he’d managed to randomly pick the winning numbers.

“RIPPER! It’s beautiful! It couldn’t of happened at a better time I’ll tell you that!” the man exclaimed.

“I only had $10 on me so I bought a hot dog and a few Keno entries. I can’t see the squares on the coupon very well without my glasses so it was a real stab in the dark, but I had to have a crack!

“When I checked my Keno entry after the draw, a message popped up on the terminal to say go to SA Lotteries so I knew it had to be a big winner!”

The happy man said he already had a plan for how he would spend his $50,000 Spot 8 Keno windfall.

“First things first I’m going to take the family on a cruise to Hawaii! I’ve always dreamed of going there and I’d say it’s going to be hard to beat!” he exclaimed.

“I’d been saving and putting money aside for a trip there but then my kids’ engagement parties and weddings all came along and before I knew it I was back to square one with our holiday savings. So my Keno win will be well-spent, replenishing the holiday fund!

“I’ve also booked my car in for a bit of a spruce up and I’ll leave the rest of the prize money as a little bit of a buffer in the bank.”

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased his winning Spot 8 entry from Dine Inn in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital on 30 Woodville Road in Woodville.

Keno is a game whereby 20 numbers are randomly generated from a possible 80. To win a Keno Spot 8 top prize, a player must match all eight of the numbers selected on their ticket against the 20 numbers drawn.

Keno draw results are available online at