Winners Golden Casket would LOVE to find this Valentine's Day!

Tuesday 9 February 2016 - With the $20 million Valentine’s Superdraw this Saturday 13th February, Golden Casket is hoping to tie up some loose ends and put out some old flames to make room for the next round of winners to dip in the division one prize pool.

The food may have gone cold, the bubbles fizzed out and the balloons shrivelled up, but Golden Casket is still holding on to hope for two eligible division one winners from Queensland to show up and whisk their windfalls away this Valentine’s Day.

Golden Casket has been stood up by two unregistered ticket holding suitors, and has been left desperately waiting for more thank two years thinking ‘if only the winners’ had put a Winners Circle players’ card on it!’

Golden Casket spokesperson Claire Taylor said the ‘dark and mysterious’ act had gone on for long enough and Golden Casket wanted nothing more than to see the rightful winners ride off into the sunset with their lotto riches.

“With $3,000,000 in unclaimed prize money out there it’s time to put it all on the line; empty your glove box, look under the bed, between the couch cushions and in that little box of receipts, wherever a forgotten Gold Lotto ticket could be!” Ms Taylor exclaimed.

“We have two unclaimed prizes waiting at the end of the Golden Casket rainbow for their rightful winners:

• A Wednesday Gold Lotto division one windfall worth $2 million which is now more than two years old (from January 2014) purchased in Cairns

• A Saturday Gold Lotto division one windfall worth $1 million which was drawn more than seven months ago (from June 2015) purchased in Morayfield

“Perhaps you remember receiving a Gold Lotto ticket in a birthday card from a loved one or even an old flame.

“If you think you may have purchased one of the winning tickets but misplaced it along the way contact Golden Casket today!

“We’ve been searching high and low to find you so that we can break the amazing dream-come-true news that you’ve been a division one winner all along!

“We can’t wait to find the eligible division one winners so we can get down on one knee and ask – ‘will you accept this prize?’

“It’s not too late for you to get your chance in lotto love. Why not put your heart and numbers on the line and get an entry in this weekend’s Valentine’s Superdraw on Saturday 13 February for your chance to share in $20 million.”