Tatts is itching to talk to Palmerston's registered TattsLotto winner!

Tuesday 9 February 2016 - Superstitious lotto players would know the old wives tale that if your palm itches, it means you will receive unexpected money… well a registered player has a big itch to scratch, after winning a first division TattsLotto prize 10 days ago worth $659,750.77 with an entry they purchased in Palmerston!

Although the registered player is known to Tatts because they registered their winning entry to a Tatts Card, they’re proving to be very hard to reach, because they’ve yet to answer the dream-come-true call.

Tatts spokesperson Claire Taylor said she was also itching to break the news to the winner who purchased their division one winning entry from Oasis News & Lotto.

“The winners’ phone has most likely rung off the hook with the countless attempts we’ve been making to speak with them about their exciting windfall!” Ms Taylor laughed.

“They may have no idea that someone who purchased their ticket in Palmerston has won, or perhaps they have heard the exciting news but can’t imagine that they could be the one who has won first division!

“But the winner won’t need to pay a visit to a palm reader to find out their good fortune – all they need to do is check their numbers to discover if they are holding a very valuable ticket in their hand!

“Our customers dream about receiving a call from Tatts officials with news they’ve won but unfortunately not everyone sits by the telephone waiting, so it’s not unusual for it to take us a few days or even a few weeks to make contact with division one winners.

“As the saying goes ‘When you know, you know’ so if you suspect that you could be the one we’ve been trying to call, please contact Tatts as soon as possible on 131 868.”

The winning registered entry was purchased from Oasis News & Lotto, Shop 16 in Palm City Oasis Shopping Centre, 15 Temple Terrace in Palmerston.

Throughout Australia, there were six entries that won a first division prize of $659,750.77 in TattsLotto draw 3603 on Saturday 30 January 2016. Along with the winning entry from Palmerston, three winning entries were sold in Victoria, one was from New South Wales, and one was sold in Western Australia.

The winning numbers in TattsLotto draw 3605 on Saturday 30 January 2016 were 20, 5, 28, 45, 29 and 25, with the supplementary numbers 30 and 21.

More chances to win!

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A whole lotto love could stem from just six numbers, so make sure you buy your entry for a chance to swoon over a share in $20 million. It’s a heart, skip and a jump away! Tickets are available at any Tatts outlet or online from Tatts.com.