Proud Aussie bloke wins Oz Lotto's Oztralia Day $50,000 prize!

Tuesday 16 February 2016 - A proud Aussie bloke from Darwin’s northern suburbs has scored a $50,000 prize in Oz Lotto’s Oztralia Day Promotion which he plans to share with his family!

To celebrate Australia Day this year, Oz Lotto decided to not only give customers the chance to win a truck load of cash but also a ship load of cash with the special Oztralia Day Promotion.

That ship set sail and dropped anchor off on the Casuarina Coast to deliver its $50,000 cargo to the promotional winner who wasn’t entirely sure at first whether the dream-come-true call was ‘fair dinkum’.

“I was actually on the phone to my sister when I got the phone call from a Tatts official with the news I’d won the Oztralia Day Promotion,” the man explained.

“I called my sister back straight afterwards and she casually asked me ‘What was all that about?’ and that’s when I told her, ‘I think I just won $50,000!’

“We both couldn’t believe it! I thought someone’s got to be pulling my leg! But I recalled seeing an ad on the website about the Oztralia Day Promotion and then it all added up and I realised that $50,000 was heading my way!”

It was easy as logging on at and buying an Oz Lotto entry for the winner to be automatically entered into the promotion, so after the surprise of winning the level-headed man admitted he was still waiting for his shipload of cash to sink in.

“The first thing that comes to my mind is to share my prize money with my children to help them along in their lives!” he exclaimed.

“The prize will certainly come in handy but I’m going to let it all sink in and start off by doing nothing spectacular or silly! But, when the time is right it will be amazing to be able to draw upon that spending reserve!”

The happy winner joked that a flagpole could be one of the purchases as a new addition to his front yard.

“You wouldn’t catch me outside cooking a BBQ in the heat here but if I had a flagpole I would always run up the flag on Australia Day! I really respect what Australia Day is all about.”

The Oz Lotto Oztralia Day Promotion was held from 6 to 26 January 2016. Tatts customers from the Northern Territory who purchased eligible Oz Lotto entry types into one of three Oz Lotto draws in January were eligible to enter into the Oztralia Day Promotion for the chance to win $50,000.

The winner of the Oztralia Day Promotion was automatically entered into the promotional draw when he purchased his Oz Lotto ticket and using his registered online account at

Grab an Oz Lotto ticket from your local Tatts outlet or online from for your chance to win a $5 million division one prize in tonight’s draw!