Cupid strikes Victoria SIX times with $1.1 million TattsLotto arrows!

Tuesday 16 February 2016 - Tatts has sent many hearts aflutter after six entries purchased in Victoria scored a division one share worth more than $1.1 million in TattsLotto’s $20 Million Valentine’s Superdraw!

Cupid spread the love far and wide aiming his arrows at TattsLotto players across Victoria including entries purchased from;

    • the town of Morwell in the Latrobe Valley in eastern Victoria,
    • the town of Tatura in the Goulburn Valley region in northern Victoria,
    • the south-eastern Melbourne suburb of Hallam,
    • the small city of Maryborough in the Central Goldfields Shire of Victoria,
    • the small city of Colac in Victoria’s western district,
    • the regional city of Mildura in the Sunraysia region of north-western Victoria.

Morwell ladies win division one!

Two ladies from Morwell are celebrating love of a different kind in the wake of Valentine’s Day, the love of friendship and TattsLotto sisterhood, after their shared entry won a division one prize worth $1,176,470.59!

The ladies said their friendship was founded long ago but sustained by a mutual love of playing lotto and taking turns to purchase their shared entry in Superdraws.

“I know when there’s a big draw coming up because I can expect a text from her saying ‘YOUR TURN!’” one of the winning ladies exclaimed.

“During the draw I was sitting on the couch circling the winning numbers on our ticket when I realised we had six whole circles on it! It was a sickly-sweet feeling with all the nerves and excitement so I phoned her straight away with the news!

“I wouldn’t want to share the prize with anyone else! We didn’t even think to include our husbands right away!” the ladies laughed.

“Of course, we’ve both enjoyed long marriages thanks to living by the old saying ‘What’s mine is yours!’ so we are over the moon for what this will mean for both of our families.

“It’ll make retirement more comfortable and there may be a new car and even a holiday!

“We’re both hard-working couples with our feet firmly on the ground, so it’s life-changing and it’s a lot of money, even split in two!”

The winning ladies, who wish to remain anonymous, purchased their division one winning 50-game QuickPick entry in TattsLotto’s $20 Million Valentine’s Superdraw from Mid Valley Lotto, Kiosk 2 in the Mid Valley Shopping Centre on the Princes Highway, Morwell.

Tatura man has a Valentine’s Day to remember!

Valentine’s Day used to be ‘just another day’ for a man from Tatura, but now he’ll remember it forever as the day he woke up to a division one prize of more than $1.1 million in TattsLotto’s $20 million Valentine’s Superdraw!

The ecstatic man said he was just going about his everyday routine when he kicked off his ‘lucky day’.

“I’d just stopped by the bakery to pick up a couple of bread rolls and donuts when I decided to use my spare change to buy a TattsLotto ticket!” the man exclaimed.

“I stashed the ticket in my wallet and late on Sunday night I thought I’d better check it just in case I’d had a win. When I realised I had matched the winning numbers I rang up my brother and yelled, ‘You better come over here and see this!’.

“We had a big celebration and boy we were feeling seedy on Monday!” he laughed.

“I plan to do some travelling around the country and I dare say my brother will want to join in on my adventures as well!”

The man, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased his division one winning System 8 entry, which won division one and additional divisional prizes totalling $1,190,071.69, from newsXpress Tatura at 138 Hogan Street in Tatura.

John and Jenny Lovel are the owners of newsXpress Tatura and were over-the-moon to hear they’d sold another division one winning entry to one of their customers.

“How lucky is our little country shop!” Mr Lovel exclaimed.

“This is our second division one winning customer in just six months! The last was in a TattsLotto Superdraw as well in August last year, and our winners were a couple from Tatura who checked their ticket in our outlet when they discovered they’d won $1.2 million!

“Jenny and I are very excited for our latest winner and wish him happiness with his new found fortune!”

Hallam co-workers ‘Harlem’ shake after hearing TattsLotto news!

A private syndicate of five colleagues from Hallam could almost be heard breaking out in happy song and dance when a Tatts official called them with the good news that their TattsLotto entry had won a division one share in the weekend’s $20 Million Valentine’s Superdraw!

The syndicate leader was completely unaware that the ticket he purchased on behalf of his workplace syndicate had won first division until a Tatts official phoned to break the dream-come-true news.

“You’re kidding! Please tell me that you’re not kidding!” the man exclaimed before calling everyone into his office.

“Can you hold on a minute – I’ll put you on speakerphone? EVERYONE, GET IN HERE NOW! WE’RE HAVING A MEETING!

“You won’t believe it but Tatts just called and we won TattsLotto! Can you repeat how much we’ve won again for everyone in the room?”

The syndicate erupted into ‘WOW’s’ and giggles when the Tatts official repeated that they’d won the division one prize amount of more than $1.1 million.

The syndicate leader said the five co-workers had been playing TattsLotto for about 16 years and always purchased a System 8 entry made up of lucky numbers that they’d all selected.

“With our windfall I think some of us will pay off our mortgages and do some renovations…” he said.

“And maybe some holidays!” another syndicate member added.

“We won’t waste any time claiming the prize money!” the boss joked.

The Hallam workers, who wish to remain anonymous, purchased their System 8 entry, which won division one and additional divisional prizes totalling $1,190,071.69, from Hallam Square News & Lotto at 42 Spring Square, Hallam.

Gabriel Carr is the owner of Hallam Square News & Lotto and said he was thrilled to hear the good news.

“This is really good news! I’ve owned this outlet for three years and this is our second division one winning entry, but it’s just as exciting as the first!” Mr Carr exclaimed.

“It’s been an amazing journey so far and I already can’t wait for our next big win! I’ve been telling my customers that I’m hoping to do it again and that you never know when we may get our hat-trick!

“Our last division one win was in the 2015 June Superdraw when a couple from Chadstone won $1 million with a ticket they purchased from my store.

“It’s wonderful to hear that our most recent win has gone to a workplace syndicate, so it won’t just make one person happy it’ll make five happy!”

Maryborough workers win division one!

A private Maryborough workplace syndicate of 13 members will be nicely surprised today when they discover that their 50-game QuickPick entry in the weekend’s TattsLotto $20 million Valentine’s Superdraw scored a division one share of $1,176,470.59!

The syndicate leader checked the unregistered ticket late yesterday afternoon at Maryborough News & Lotto after he knocked off work and said he couldn’t wait to break the news to his workmates this morning.

“I’m a bit excited - $1.1 million should buy us a very nice dinner tonight!” he joked.

“I had no idea we’d won! I’ve had the ticket stuck in the ute all day but I thought I better call into the newsagency after work and see how we went! Then BINGO! What a great surprise!

“We’ve been playing this TattsLotto syndicate for about 15 years now and it’s just about the same people who are still in it from day one.

“I think I’ll stroll into work in the morning and tell them I’m going on an expensive holiday with my share of our TattsLotto prize! They’ll probably call me a liar until I show them our ticket and all the noughts in the online results!

“As for my wife, I’m going to tell her by busting in the door and saying ‘Happy belated Valetine’s Day love, we’ve won TattsLotto!’ and she’ll probably faint on me then and there!

“I’ll be paying off the mortgage and buying a new ute with my share of the prize!”

The division one winning entry was purchased at Maryborough News & Lotto, at 192 High Street in Maryborough.

Cheryle Forster is a co-owner of Maryborough News & Lotto and said she was delighted to know the division one win would be shared among many happy families.

“It doesn’t get much better than a division one win, but it’s fantastic to hear that this windfall is going to 13 people and their families!” Ms Forster exclaimed.

“We’re proudly adding this win to our division one winning tally! We’re on a roll and looking forward to getting our next run on the board already!

“It’s very exciting to have a winner realise that they’ve won division one in your store! It’s amazing to deliver that dream-come-true news to our customers!”

Colac Lotto breaks division one drought!

Ros and Glen Monaghan were jumping for joy when they realised that one of their Colac Lotto customers had won a division one share worth $1,176,470.59 in the weekend’s TattsLotto $20 Million Superdraw!

“We’ve been spreading the exciting news that we’ve had another division one winner in Colac and even made them a millionaire!” Ms Monaghan exclaimed.

“It’s one of five division one winning entries we’ve sold over eight years in business, but it’s been a while between drinks so it’s wonderful to break the drought and get a nice new win for the wall!

“There’s a real buzz around town since word of Colac’s new division one winner got out and of course we’re hoping to get on a winning streak and sell another soon to keep the division one flame alive here!”

The winner, who wishes to remain completely anonymous, purchased their division one winning 36-game QuickPick from Colac Lotto, 146 Murray Street in Colac.

Longing for Mildura’s mystery Valentine’s Superdraw winner!

If only a TattsLotto player from the weekend’s $20 Million Valentine’s Superdraw had registered their entry to a Tatts Card they could have been overcome with lotto love after winning a division one prize worth more than $1.1 million!

Instead of delivering the dream come true news on Monday morning, Tatts officials now have to wait for the division one winner who purchased their entry in Mildura to check their ticket and realise they’re one of the state’s newest millionaires!

Tatts spokesperson Claire Taylor said just imagine how the winner could be spoiling their perfect match if they knew they’d won a $1.1 million first division prize in the weekend’s Valentine’s Superdraw!

“Cupid has taken aim on a mystery winner who purchased an entry from Centro Mildura Lotto in Mildura, but chances are they’re going about their day unaware they’re a millionaire!” Ms Taylor exclaimed.

“A division one prize worth more than $1 million could turn someone’s love life around and allow them to take their Valentine on a belated whirlwind trip to their dream holiday destination!

“That’s why we’re encouraging all TattsLotto players who purchased unregistered entries in Mildura in the Valentine’s Superdraw to check their tickets as soon as possible!

“If you believe you are holding the division one winning TattsLotto ticket, we recommend that you keep it in a safe place and contact Tatts as soon as possible to begin the process of claiming your prize.”

The unregistered division one winning entry was purchased from Centro Mildura Lotto, Shop 9, Centro Mildura on the corner of Fifteenth Street and Deakin Avenue in Mildura.

Sue Dawson is the owner of Centro Mildura Lotto and said that she felt like the store was on a real lucky streak.

“This is our store’s second division one win in just four months! Our last was in October last year when a woman from Mildura won more than $666,000 with an entry purchased from our store!” she exclaimed.

“I hope that our latest winner checks their ticket soon so they can start living their life as a millionaire and maybe even rush out and buy a special belated Valentine’s Day gift!”

Throughout Australia, there were seventeen entries that shared the love in TattsLotto’s $20 Million Valentine’s Superdraw and won a first division prize of $1,176,470.59. Along with the six winning entries from Victoria, there were four division one winning entries from Queensland, two each sold in New South Wales, the Northern Territory and Western Australia and one winning entry sold in South Australia.

The winning numbers in TattsLotto’s $20 Million Valentine’s Superdraw 3607 on Saturday 13 February 2016 were 2, 43, 27, 25, 28 and 8 with the supplementary numbers 32 and 6.

More chances to win!

There are more chances to win big this week with Oz Lotto jackpotting to a huge $5 million in tonight’s draw and Powerball has $3 million up for grabs on Thursday. For your chance to win, you can buy an entry at any Tatts outlet or online via