Research reveals a whole 'lotto' love could stem from $20 million!

Friday 12 February 2016 - Whether you’re already love struck or still love ‘stuck’, popular opinion suggests that winning a share in a $20 million lottery draw could see your love life come up roses!

Research released by Golden Casket in the lead up to Valentine’s Day revealed that just over half of singles looking for love (51 per cent) and people currently dating (51.9 per cent) agree that winning a share of $20 million would improve their love life.

39.8 per cent of respondents who considered themselves unlucky in love also shared the opinion that their love life could be turned around and blossom with a little boost from a division one prize!

The research conducted by ReachTEL got into the hearts and minds of more than 1,000 adults across Australia, to discover how they could turn up the romance with a share in $20 million.

The survey revealed that lotto winners would kiss goodbye the traditional roses and chocolates and instead spoil their Valentine with a significant romantic gesture including a holiday to their dream destination (41.4 per cent), a once-in-a-lifetime experience (17.2 per cent) and a flash new car (16.4 per cent)!


How would you spoil your Valentine if you won a share in $20 million? 

A holiday to their dream destination


A once-in-a-lifetime experience


New car of their dreams


Dinner at an exclusive restaurant


A relaxing pamper retreat


Some jewellery, watch or some ‘bling’


A designer shopping spree



While the vast majority of total respondents (73.4 per cent) were only planning to spend less than $50 on their Valentine, people who are dating were the biggest spenders making up 25.9 per cent of people planning to splash more than $500 on their hot date, compared with:

• 15.5 per cent of singles looking for love,

• 5.4 per cent of sassy singles who said they’d spoil themselves instead,

• and only 4.2 per cent of people in committed relationships!

However, 63.2 per cent of people who said they were originally planning to spend more than $500 on their Valentine said they would up-the-ante to over $500,000 if they won a share in $20 million!

These generous lovers who would supersize their romantic gestures to over $500,000 include:

• 21.2 per cent of singles looking for love, to snag a soul mate,

• 19.2 per cent of people currently dating, to really seal the deal,

• 14.5 per cent of sassy singles, to bask in some self-appreciation,

• and 12.3 per cent of people in committed relationships, to stoke the flame.

Across the board, Romeos (men) were eager not to be outdone by the Juliettes (ladies), planning to spend more on spoiling ‘the one’ on Valentine’s Day whether or not their lotto numbers came up or not!

In terms of how far the lotto love would be spread, 10.4 per cent of people in committed relationships would only share with their significant other, 26.4 per cent would only share their windfall with their immediate family, and 22.4 per cent would extend that list to include their in-laws as well!

Golden Casket spokesperson Claire Taylor said the results looked promising for lotto players looking for love.

“Cupid is waiting in the wings ready to take aim on lotto lovers with division one arrows from the $20 million Valentine’s Superdraw prize pool this Saturday 13 February,” she said.

“Of course, we hope there are many happy winners who get the perfect match of numbers on Saturday night and wake up to the best Valentine’s Day ever!

“With a share in $20 million, singles could leave the lonely Netflix marathons at home and jet off to their dream holiday destination instead! You never know who you could meet!

“While winning couples could scoff down the chocolates and leave the roses to wilt, and instead treat each other to a once-in-a-lifetime experience together.

“We’re in the business of making division one dreams come true, but if lotto players put their numbers and their hearts on the line this weekend, we could be adding matchmaking to our services too!” she laughed.

“A whole lotto love could stem from this Saturday’s Valentine’s draw, so make sure you buy your entry for a chance to swoon over a share in $20 million. It’s a heart, skip and a jump away!”

Last year, in Golden Casket $20 Million Superdraw in February 2015, there were nine winning entries that won a division one share worth $2,222,222.23.

This survey was conducted in February 2016 using an automated telephone based survey system among 1,082 voters. The data has been weighted to reflect the population age and gender distribution as provided by the ABS. Telephone numbers and the person within the household were selected at random. Copyright ReachTEL Pty Ltd.