Bayside family's Oz Day celebrations kick on!

Friday 12 February 2016 - A Bayside couple have achieved the great Australian dream of owning their own home after winning $300,000 in Oz Lotto’s Oztralia Day Promotion.

To celebrate Australia Day this year, Oz Lotto decided to not only give customers the chance to win a truck load of cash but also a ship load of cash with the special Oztralia Day Promotion.

That ship set sail and dropped anchor off Brisbane’s Bayside to deliver its $300,000 cargo to the promotional winners – a hardworking couple in their forties.

“This win is unbelievable! I was having such a stressful day and then I get a phone call to say I’d won $300,000!” the excited winning husband exclaimed.

“I called my wife straight away to let her know but she thought I said that we’d won $300 in Oz Lotto. It wasn’t until I got home later that day to celebrate that I realised she misheard me and I said to her, ‘No we didn’t win $300, we won $300,000!’ We sat there all evening just staring at each other in disbelief!

“It’s quite amazing because our Oz Lotto ticket that won the Australia Day promotion was actually purchased on Australia Day! 

“My wife and I drove around the bayside area on the Australia Day public holiday looking for a newsagent that was still open just so we could buy a ticket in that evening’s Oz Lotto draw!

“We didn’t win first division that night but that doesn’t matter now! I’ll say this winning is a beautiful feeling and comes in second only to the birth of my child!

“This windfall has propelled us 10 years down the track financially – we’ll be able to pay off our mortgage! It’ll give us 12 months to relax and it’ll mean my wife will be able to take more time off work. It’s a surreal feeling to have the chance to step out of the rat race!”

The Oz Lotto Oztralia Day Promotion was held from 6 to 26 January 2016. Golden Casket customers who purchased eligible Oz Lotto entry types into one of three Oz Lotto draws in January were eligible to enter into the Oztralia Day Promotion for the chance to win $300,000.

The winner of the Oztralia Day Promotion was automatically entered into the promotional draw when he purchased his Oz Lotto ticket and registered it to his Winners Circle card at NewsExtra Alexandra Hills, corner Finuncane Road and Cambridge Drive in Alexandra Hills.

Grab an Oz Lotto ticket from your local Golden Casket outlet or online from for your chance to win a $5 million division one prize in Tuesday’s draw!