Are you living in a lottery hotspot? QLD's $70 million prize biggest in 2016!

It’s not only the sun shining on Queenslanders, good fortune is well-and-truly shining on the state as well – with Queensland selling the biggest Lotto prize in 2016!

During the past 12 months, between 1 December 2015 and 30 November 2016, Queensland lottery players have enjoyed 99 division one prizes and have pocketed more than $201.7 million in division one prize money.

$70 million of that prize money was won by one very happy couple in Hervey Bay who scooped the entire mind-blowing Powerball prize in January – and no jackpot reached the same heights for the remainder of 2016.

With just less than a century of division one wins, this places Queensland third nationally behind Victoria (156) and New South Wales (117).

The latest Lotto hotspots have revealed the Queensland postcodes that have produced the most division one winners in the past 12 months are; 4680 for Gladstone & Boyne Island, and 4740 for Mackay North, Mackay West, Andergrove & Rural View.

Each of these postcodes (4680 & 4740) boast selling five division one winning tickets sold within the 12 month period totalling more than $6 million and $3 million in division one prize money respectively.

Hot on their heels selling three division one winning entries each are postcodes; 4216 for Paradise Point & Biggera Waters, 4350 for Toowoomba & Middle Ridge, 4122 for Upper Mount Gravatt & Mount Gravatt, and 4129 for Loganholme.

Casting the net a little wider, if you take a look at Queensland’s hotspot regions for 2016, it reveals there must be something in the sea air with the Gold Coast region tied in first place for selling the most division one winning tickets.

There were eight division one prizes sold in the Gold Coast region equating to more than $30.3 million in spoils for the glitter strip.

The biggest prize sold in the Gold Coast region was won by a Gold Coast tradie in his 40s who put down his tools on the spot when he discovered he’d won a $20 million Oz Lotto prize.

Also touting eight division one prizes was the region of Central Queensland. Those Gold Lotto prizes totalled more than $8 million in prize money!

Closely following with seven division one winning entries each, are the regions of the Sunshine Coast and Logan City.

Golden Casket spokesperson Elissa Lewis said that the past 12 months had proven to be another winning year for lottery players around the state with many memorable tales of winners from 2016.

“Reflecting back on the year, there’s certainly a number of division one winning stories from 2016 that have really resonated with people,” Ms Lewis explained.

“We kicked off the year with a big lotto bang when after seven weeks of jackpotting the mind-blowing $70 million Powerball prize was won by Hervey Bay grandparents.

“After six missed calls following the draw, the couple finally twigged that it was Golden Casket phoning about their staggering windfall and couldn’t believe their luck.

“Who could forget the Gold Coast tradie in his 40s who walked off the construction site right then and there when he received a phone call from Golden Casket in July with the news he'd scooped a $20 million Oz Lotto prize!

“To finish off the year with another highlight, Queensland proudly crowned a Set for Life 1st Prize winner in November – A Mackay wife who threw away her iron and vowed never to do her dreaded chore of ironing clothes again, now that she could hire help!”

Ms Lewis said that although 4680 - Gladstone and 4740 - Mackay sold more division one winning entries than other state in 2016, it does not mean that a ticket purchased in that postcodes has more chance of winning than any other ticket.

“While it’s tempting to think about rushing to the lotto hotspots to buy your next ticket, lotto players should remember that lottery games are entertaining games of chance and every number on your ticket has an equal chance of being drawn, no matter where you buy your ticket,” Ms Lewis said.

“There’s no way of knowing where the next big lotto prize will land and there’s only one way to improve your chances of winning – buy a ticket!”

The highly anticipated release of Australia’s 2016 Lotto Hotspots comes as the countdown begins to the $31 Million NYE Megadraw on 31 December 2016! Imagine what you could add to your New Year’s Resolution List if you became a midnight millionaire!

Golden Casket is expecting a lot of interest in the $31 Million NYE Megadraw, so customers are advised to get in early and purchase their entry for the chance to start 2016 with a bang and a chance to share in the massive $31 million division one prize pool.

Golden Casket customers are encouraged to register their entries to a Winners Circle card. Not only does registration ensure their prize is secure, it also ensures they can be contacted directly with news of a division one win.


Top three Lotto states ranked by most frequent division one wins across all lotto games

 Rank    State  Prizes Won   Total Prizes
 1  Victoria  156  $244,655,148.97
 2  New South Wales   117  $268,339,795.95
 3  Queensland   99  $201,719,586.42


Top 3 biggest division one prizes across all lotto games – Queensland

 Rank  Game  Draw No   Draw Date  Selling Outlet   Suburb   Postcode   Division One Prize 
 1  Powerball  1025   7/01/16  newsXpress Eli Waters  Pialba  4655  $70,000,000.00
 2  Oz Lotto  1168  5/07/16  Paradise Point News  Paradise Point   4216  $20,000.000.00
 3  Powerball   1065  13/10/16  Online  Online  4102  $12,500,000.00


Top 6 postcodes with the most frequent division one prizes won across all games – Queensland

 Rank  Postcode  Location  Frequency  Total Prize Amount   Biggest Prize Amount
 1  4680  Gladstone & Boyne Island  5  $6,092,285.04   $1,969,658.04
 2  4740  Mackay North, Mackay West, Andergrove & Rural View   5  $3,054,841.01  $1,176,470.59
 3  4216  Paradise Point & Biggera Waters  3  $22,333,333.34  $20,000,000.00
 4  4350  Toowoomba & Middle Ridge  3  $1,992,148.60  $1,105,263.16
 5  4122  Upper Mount Gravatt & Mount Gravatt  3  $1,724,839.78  $1,105,263.16
 6  4129  Loganholme  3  $1,020,318.68  $585,827.68

Top 5 postcodes with the highest total division one prize amount across all games – Queensland

 Rank   Postcode    Location  Frequency    Total Prize Amount  Biggest Prize Amount 
 1  4216  Paradise Point & Biggera Waters  3  $22,333,333.34  $20,000,000.00
 2  4680  Gladstone & Boyne Island  5  $6,092,285.04  $1,969,658.04
 3  4053  Stafford & Stafford Heights  2  $3,871,054.91  $1,961,964.00
 4  4740  Mackay North, Mackay West, Andergrove & Rural View  5  $3,054,841.01  $1,176,470.59
 5  4179  Manly West  2  $2,445,935.26  $2,000,000.00


Top 10 regions with the most frequent division one wins across all games – Queensland

 Rank  Region  Frequency   Total Prize Amount   Biggest Prize Amount
 1  Gold Coast  8  $30,303,770.56  $20,000,000.00
 2  Central Queensland  8  $8,036,940.05  $1,969,658.04
 3  Sunshine Coast  7  $8,692,167.18  $2,178,515.63
 4  Logan City  7  $6,854,461.22  $3,000,000.00
 5  Brisbane Northern Suburbs  6  $8,499,014.09  $1,961,964.00
 6  Brisbane Southern Suburbs  6  $2,749,338.26  $1,105,263.16
 7  Wide Bay Burnett  5  $79,001,747.12  $70,000,000.00
 8  Moreton Bay Region  5  $4,987,199.30  $2,049,462.85
 9  Darling Downs and South West  5  $3,598,220.96  $1,105,263.16
 10  Mackay and Whitsundays  5  $3,054,841.01  $1,176,470.59


  • The above information is compiled from division one wins in Queensland from 1 December 2015 to 30 November 2016.
  • The above information includes Golden Casket games; Saturday Gold Lotto, Monday & Wednesday Gold Lotto, Oz Lotto, Powerball, Lucky Lotteries, Super 66 and The Pools.
  • The above information excludes Set for Life due to the ongoing payment of the prize.
  • The above information is inclusive of entries purchased online.
  • The above information is inclusive of store, group and central syndicates.