Life-changing $250K surprise for Frankston mother!

A mother from Frankston joked she could surprise her son by picking him up from school in a helicopter or limousine to break the news that she’d scratched the top prize of $250,000 on a $10 Instant Scratch-Its ticket.

Jokes aside, the overjoyed woman admitted she almost fainted when she revealed the $250,000 prize which she said meant the world to her family.

“I was standing in a bank queue about to make a small savings deposit to put towards a computer for my son when I decided to play my scratchie,” the woman explained.

“I asked the lady in front of me in the line to double check I wasn’t seeing things and then I sort of had to grab her arm because I felt all the blood rush out of my head and I thought I would faint!

“I screamed ‘Oh my god, no it can’t be!’ and I don’t think she could believe it either!”

The emotional woman said the Instant Scratch-Its prize would turn her life around.

“I’d been having a bad run of luck – but not anymore!” she exclaimed. “I don’t know how to describe it. I’m half way between having a huge smile on my face but I’m crying with tears of happiness in my eyes at the same time.

“I can finally buy my son a computer for his school work – that will be the first thing I do!

“I will also put a deposit on a home and I’ll never have to worry about moving house again!

“When I was mucking around I would say I wish I could just buy a Winnebago and take my home with me wherever I go, and now I really could!

“Maybe I’ll shout the whole family to a trip to the Royal Melbourne Show next year!

“If I was really cheeky I could go surprise my son by picking him up from school in a helicopter! Or I could hire a limo and pop out the roof top with a little rose between my teeth and he’d be going ‘What’s going on Mum? You’re embarrassing me,’” she laughed.

The overjoyed woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased her top prize winning Instant Scratch-Its $10 ticket at Cignall Frankston (the monkey shop), 8 Thompson Street in Frankston.

Robert Macaro is the owner of Cignall Frankston and was thrilled to have sold a life-changing $250,000 top prize winning Instant Scratch-Its ticket to one of his loyal customers.

“On behalf of my staff and myself, I would like to congratulate our lucky winner, and express our elation and happiness as this very substantial prize could not have gone to a more deserving person,” Mr Macaro exclaimed.

“We wish our happy regular customer all the very best in her "new" life and send her many thanks for her custom over the years!”

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It can happen in an instant. It could happen to you.