Instant Scratch-Its birthday surprise in Mt Sheridan!

A young woman from the Cairns suburb of Mount Sheridan received an extra birthday surprise when her birthday gift of $1 Instant Scratch-Its tickets included the ticket with the top prize of $10,000!

The excited woman couldn’t believe her eyes when she scratched one of the two top prizes of $10,000 on her Instant Scratch-Its ticket at first thinking it was a birthday joke.

“This year for my birthday I received a few $1 scratchies from two different family members,” the woman explained.

“I scratched them straight away – after all it was my birthday.

“I’d scratched a few tickets and didn’t have any luck but when I scratched the next one and first looked at the ticket I thought it was a prank one of my family was playing on me.

“Then I took another look at the ticket and thought one of the numbers was missing a zero and I’d won $1,000. I was pretty happy with that but when I triple checked the ticket I realised I’d won $10,000!

“It’s a birthday I’ll never forget! But I can’t be greedy, after all it was a gift. I’m going to share the money with my family and use the rest to help set me up in life.”

The winner has chosen to remain anonymous.

The winning $1 Instant Scratch-Its ticket was purchased from Mt Sheridan NewsPower, Shop 33, Mt Sheridan Plaza, 106 Barnard Drive in Mount Sheridan.

Gary Carr is the owner of Mt Sheridan NewsPower and was thrilled to have sold a $10,000 top prize winning $1 Instant Scratch-Its ticket.

 “Congratulations to the winner! What a wonderful birthday gift to receive and what a great time of year to win $10,000!” Mr Carr exclaimed. “

I’m sure it will be a birthday they will never forget!

“Who knows with Christmas just around the corner we may sell another top prize winning ticket in time for one of our customers to have a very merry Christmas.”

Instant Scratch-Its tickets are the perfect addition to any Christmas celebration. They’re an instant way to spread joy with those you love and care about this Christmas adding an extra sparkle to your Christmas gifts. Make Instant Scratch-It’s a tradition at your Christmas.

It can happen in an instant. It could happen to you.