Is this North Sydney's 'Luckiest' man?

Feeling lucky and a healthy dose of karma have paid off handsomely for a Northern Beaches man who won first prize in Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot draw 10114 on Tuesday 22 November worth a sum of $100,000!

What’s even better is that his selection of sequential tickets in the draw increased his chances of winning consolation prizes and win he did, bringing his total prize to $102,040.00 as well as four free tickets! In addition to winning first prize, the winner’s entries also included eighth and ninth prize plus their consolation prizes.

The Northern Beaches winner declared that he’d purchased his tickets in the draw after completing an odd job for a friend and deciding he felt lucky.

“I’d helped out a friend and decided my good deed had me feeling lucky!” the winner exclaimed.

“I went to Humphrey’s and asked if I could get around $50 worth of Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot tickets and at only $2.20 an entry, the staff explained that would be 22 tickets.

“My birthday is on the 22nd and lots of special days in our family are on the 22nd so I was feeling really lucky and thought ‘I’m going to win this!’”

The winner explained that he’d checked the results online after the draw, which also happened to fall on the 22nd.

“I went online to check the draw and saw that the jackpot was continuing to climb but then thought ‘oh, what’s this – I have the first prize number!'” the man laughed.

“So I told my wife and I said ‘Sorry, I did a bad thing but it’s alright’ – because she doesn’t like me playing the lottery – and showed her the numbers and she said ‘you haven’t won first prize, you’ve just won some free tickets’ and I said ‘I’ve won both! That’s me!’”

The very happy Northern Beaches man bashfully shared that over his life he’s won major lottery prize three times now.

“Back when I started my first ever job I was given four tickets and won a prize of £6,000 – which at the time was a lot of money! I was only on £50 a week then so it put my wife and I on our feet,” the man explained.

“Then a few years later I won the top prize in the Sydney Opera House Lottery!

“Now I’ve won this prize and it’s a bit surprising to be honest, but I’m a big believer in a positive attitude.

“Life can be sad sometimes but you just have to smile and get on with it and good things will come back to you.”

Now that he’s won his third windfall, the winner explained that the majority of this prize will be spent on his children.

“My wife and I celebrated a milestone anniversary this year and our children absolutely spoilt us with a holiday, so some of the win will definitely go towards spoiling the kids in return,” the winner exclaimed.

“Plus it will be great to do some repairs on the house as well.”

The winner, who has chosen to remain anonymous, purchased his first prize winning entry in Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot draw 10114 on Tuesday 22 November at Humphrey’s Newsagency, 60 The Corso in Manly.

The Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot continues to climb with the jackpot for draw 10115 sitting at more than $3.49 million. The Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot is offering more than $6.52 million for draw 1046. N

SW Lotteries customers can purchase a single ticket number into the Lucky Lotteries Super Jackpot for $2.20 and the Lucky Lotteries Mega Jackpot for $5.50.

For your chance to make today your ‘Lucky’ day, why not get your paws on a Lucky Lotteries ticket today at your local NSW Lotteries outlet or online.