Dream-come-true Gold Lotto win for Milton colleagues!

Five colleagues who work in Brisbane’s inner western suburb of Milton have made the dream-come-true discovery that their privately shared entry in the weekend’s Gold Lotto draw won a division one prize worth $518,125.72!

Thanks to playing a System 8 entry they also picked up additional divisional prizes bringing their total prize windfall to $532,191.67 or $106,438.33 each shared equally.

The happy group said they actually purchased the ticket after going out to lunch together since they had a good feeling.

“We’ve been playing lotto together for about five years but on Wednesday night I had a dream that we’d win division one!” one of the colleagues explained.

“We were all out to lunch talking about it and we decided to try our luck since we had a good feeling.

“So we actually bought an entry into the Powerball draw on Thursday night but only three of our numbers were drawn. So we tried the same special marked numbers for Saturday Gold Lotto and it was a dream-come-true! We won division one!

“Now we can travel, put some towards our mortgages and make some investments.

“We’ll continue working and keep playing lotto! This has been a lovely win in time for Christmas but fingers crossed we can do it again and win a share of the $31 million Megadraw – That would make for a great way to bring in the New Year!”

The Milton work colleagues, who wish to remain anonymous, purchased their 2-game System 8 marked entry from Milton News Centre, Shop 3, 36 Baroona Road in Milton.

Rajendra Patel is the owner of Milton News Centre and was thrilled they’d sold a winning first division Saturday Gold Lotto ticket.

“This is great news! We were so delighted when we discovered we’d sold a division one prize to our local customers,” Mr Patel said.

“We’re really excited for our winning customers and we’ve been sharing the news with everyone!

“Now that we’ve had this big win we’re hoping the next one will be just around the corner so we can have even more customers celebrating division one wins.

“We hope our winners enjoy their prize!”

Throughout Australia, there were eight entries that won a first division prize of $518,125.72 in the Gold Lotto draw 3687. Along with the winning entry purchased at Milton News Centre, there were two each purchased in South Australian, Victoria and Western Australia and one in New South Wales.

The winning numbers in Gold Lotto draw 3687 on Saturday 19 November 2016 were 1, 40, 12, 24, 14, and 16 with supplementary numbers of 20 and 31.

The weekend’s winners take the Lott’s division one winning entry tally to 183 so far this financial year, including 41 won by Golden Casket customer.