$100K 'pay day' for elderly Gold Coast couple!

Life is just a little bit sweeter for an elderly Gold Coast couple after they treated themselves to a $5 Instant Scratch-Its ticket on their ‘pay day’ and scored a bonus - a $100,000 windfall!

The winning wife was the one who scratched the top prize of $100,000 with their $5 Instant Scratch-Its ticket purchased in Nerang and she declared they have twice the fun by always scratching one ticket each.

“My husband buys us two tickets every fortnight on our pension ‘pay day’,” the shocked woman giggled.

“He scratches the first ticket and I scratch the second ticket – it’s the way we’ve done it for years now.

“This time he didn’t win anything so looked over at me and apparently I was just staring at my ticket exclaiming ‘oh oh oh’!”

The couple, who’ve been married for a self-professed ’very long time’, shared that they’d never won anything before.

“We’ve had a long, good life but have struggled at times so this is a nice ending to round us out,” the winning woman said.

“I scratched the top prize yesterday and had the best night’s sleep – I wasn’t expecting that! “But today I’m still a bit shaky. It’s unbelievable!”

The husband joked that he would have to keep in his wife’s good books now because she scratched the top prize on her ticket and she has her own bank account.

“I’ve got to be careful or she might not share the win with me!” he laughed.

The elderly winners shared news of their instant windfall with their son.

“Mum and Dad phoned to tell me and I was a bit hesitant because I wasn’t sure if they were reading it correctly – that it was $100 and not $100K!” the winning couple’s son shared.

“Now their win is confirmed I’ve told them to take a cruise and enjoy the money but they think they’re too old!”

But the couple declared they would rather share the prize with their family.

“We’re too old to spend the money on ourselves! We’d rather share it with family instead. Just winning is a nice enough prize for us,” the woman responded.

The winning ticket was sold at Nextra Nerang Mall, Shop G17 in the Nerang Mall on Gilston Street, Nerang.

Porsche Cheung is the owner of Nextra Nerang Mall and was thrilled the top prize was won by one of their customers.

“They couldn’t wait to share the news with us!” Mr Cheung exclaimed.

“When they had their win confirmed by Golden Casket they gave us a phone call. “They’re lovely people and we couldn’t be happier for them!”

It can happen it an instant. It could happen to you.