Tin Can Bay's $5 million Oz Lotto pay day!

An Oz Lotto ticket sold in the seaside town of Tin Can Bay is one of last night’s three division one winning entries that each won a prize worth $5 million!

A mysterious customer of Tin Can Bay News, 69 Gympie Road in Tin Can Bay, hand selected their own numbers on their 4-game marked Oz Lotto entry and was tickled pink when they finally came up in last night’s draw.

“Holy moly! Jesus Christ!” the winner blurted out when Golden Casket phoned them to confirm the amazing news that they’d become a multi-millionaire overnight.

“So it is true? I didn’t believe I actually won, I thought ‘no, I must have written the numbers down wrong!’

“I checked the results late last night and I looked at those numbers and my ticket so many times.

“I play religiously every week and I’ve used my same numbers for years so it’s amazing that they’ve finally come up!

“Christmas is a very important time of year for family coming together and so I’ll make sure we all have a whale of time this year!”

The winner, who wishes to remain anonymous, purchased their 4-game marked entry in Oz Lotto from Tin Can Bay News, 69 Gympie Road in Tin Can Bay.

Jill McDonald is the owner of Tin Can Bay News and was thrilled to have sold their very first division one winning entry.

“It’s so exciting! I think the whole town is buzzing with the news of our multi-million dollar winning customer!” Mrs McDonald exclaimed.

“I put a sign out first thing this morning saying congratulations to our Oz Lotto division one winner and since then everyone’s been popping in to check their tickets!

“It’s been a long time coming, after 21 years of running this business it’s very, very nice to finally know what it’s like to sell a division one winning ticket – it’s like we’ve finally come of age!

“We’re certainly no stranger to selling big prizes though; we’ve sold plenty of division two winning tickets over the years. But last night’s $5 million in division one is our best and biggest!

“They say good things come in threes, so we’re at the ready to sell our next couple of division one winning tickets – maybe even in the $31 million Megadraw on New Year’s Eve.”

There were three division one winning entries in last night’s huge $15 million Oz Lotto jackpot draw. Along with the winning entry from Tin Can Bay in Queensland, the other winning tickets were sold in Langwarrin in Victoria, and New Lambton Heights in New South Wales.

The winning numbers in Oz Lotto draw 1187 on Tuesday 16 November 2016 were 7, 26, 27, 11, 18, 15 and 16 with supplementary numbers 30 and 21.

Last night’s Oz Lotto winners take the Lott’s division one winning entries tally to 176 so far this financial year, including 40 won by Golden Casket customers.